Ibiza life coach: You deserve love

Love leads the way

You, yourself – as much as anybody in the entire universe – deserve your love and affection. So today on Valentine’s day, ask yourself, ‘Am I caring for my heart’s needs and ensuring that I am en-JOYing my life enough? Or am I settling for second best, because I don’t feel I deserve it quite enough?’

Or is there another thought running quietly in the background of your mind, that simply doesn’t dare to believe that it is possible for life to be as good and fulfilling as it can be?

Because, surprise, surprise lovely people, when we really dare to believe that your relationship, your home, your life in Ibiza, or New York or London, really can be as good as you want it to be, it starts to become that way, quickly and easily.

As we roll forward into 2012 time is, literally, speeding up. Have you noticed this? Energy is moving more quickly and as it does it means that, according to the boomerang law of attraction, what we think we become. Our thoughts, become things and what we are thinking about materialises into our experience of reality.

So to help celebrate Valentine’s day, here is a recipe to shape your dream relationship to allow it to become as magnificent, romantic, sensual, passionate, fulfilling, exciting, tender (and feel free to keep going here with your own words!) as you wish it to be. Whether you are already with your dream lover or are dreaming about your perfect partner and have been for a while, or perhaps you have been with your loved one for a few years, or even decades and can do with some polishing and sculpting your relationship into a good-as-new-if-not-better style.

Happiness begins at home: that means in your heart and your mind.

So envision your relationship the way you would artfully craft a magical movie – one you want to savour again and again. Imagine as if everything and anything is possible and then, following these steps, take some time for yourself, a good fireside half hour and allow your imagination to run wild, Walt Disney (or Tim Burton or David Lynch – whatever your preference!) style.

Begin to write what you are seeing and hearing and feeling – as if you are experiencing it now!

‘I am seeing a smiling face and sparkling eyes looking deep into my soul.’

‘I am feeling full of love, light and happy, sexy, naughty, relaxed and free’

‘I am hearing… (continue and write all the above in your own words)

Be sure to purely write your dream-lover-relationship recipe positively stated and in the present tense – as if you are experiencing it now. The mind deletes any negative clauses, so take out any ‘nots’ and replace them only with what you want your mind and the universe to focus on. This really does work! Not only has it worked amazingly for me, for many of my clients too, from two weeks to a year down the line are reporting back their blissful surprises….

Remember to be really specific because you really will get what you are asking for! And follow through with putting your passion into practice by appreciating all the positive qualities about yourself and your partner. This lines you up energetically with what you are asking for. It fills you up with self-love from the inside out and radiate it to your loved ones…. as well as to your dream lover. Enjoy!

To attract wonderful relationships with yourself and others into your life email: Larah@ibizaretreats.com for 1:1 Coaching. Open your heart and life pours in!