Ibiza life coaching: Visualisations

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Are you feeling clean and clear about what you want to create this year? Do you feel ready to enjoy the new spring energy, to put juice into your projects, to infuse yourself with creativity? Or are you feeling confused, at a cross-roads or perhaps even slightly overwhelmed, with questions popping up like ‘which way now?’ and even, ‘how will I know when it is the right way for me?’

When the conscious mind cannot discern a logical or easy way ‘how-to’ or is stuck in circles of uncertainty, step away from thinking things through and into the delicious space of being a dreamer. How? With a multi-sensory visualisation of what achieving, experiencing and realising the end results will look, feel and sound like. The way you would like them to be.

Visualisations help you attain a real feeling of your desired experience. This boosts your sense of self-belief at a physiological level and sets you up for success so you can enjoy exactly the results you want to, at work, at home and at play. This helps you to hop over obstacles that the worrying, concerned, or merely realistic mind can see.

What the eye perceives the mind believes…
Doctors have long been aware of the placebo effect and this can help you understand the real, grounded, power of visualisation in promoting healing and wellbeing in patients suffering illnesses ranging from Cancer to Parkinsons disease, supporting cellular rejuvenation and providing a fantastic form of natural pain relief.

In sport, whether priming themselves for jumping every fence in a cross-country event or for reaching peak performance, Olympic athletes get into the zone by using this powerful technique to visualise what they will be seeing, hearing and feeling when they cross the finishing line… and win!

Science has discovered that neurons – the cells that carry messages from our mind to our bodies, thoughts, feelings and emotions – fire up in the same pathways whether the athlete is actually running a race, or merely experiencing the visualisation itself.

Just like a dress rehearsal, it proves the age-old anecdote ‘Cognito Ergo Sum = I think, therefore I am’ to have some real depth to it! So connect your powerful unconscious, tap into that inner-voice that gives you the best life guidance and enjoy the creative process whilst achieving your desired results and wished for goals.

DIY Visualisation technique
What do you want to have, see, experience and be? Do you have a goal or outcome you would like to achieve? From meeting that perfect partner, receiving a promotion, financial freedom, successful business meetings or sailing across to Formentera with the perfect breeze? In your day to day life, you can even use this technique – of simply asking yourself these questions, and really visualising the answers – to feel better mentally and physically. Put this into practice at the beginning of every day – although you can choose to do it anywhere, anytime – to begin to design the life you want to lead.

It is often easier to begin practicing by imagining something very physical, like sucking on a lemon!

  • Imagine what you are seeing
  • Imagine what you are feeling
  • Imagine what you are hearing
  • Are you tasting anything?
  • What can you smell?

Take your time, the longer you can immerse yourself the deeper the effects. The lighter, brighter and more Walt Disney the better! Whatever it is that you want to create the world (and your life) really is your oyster, and it is up to you to create the pearl.

For further details on Visualisations or a personal one to one consultation, contact holistic life coach Larah Davis at Radiance Wellness & Life Coaching.