Ibiza life coaching: Sacred Sundays


Photography by Ana Lui

And then he created the seventh day… of rest. So they say!

But do you treat yourself to unplug and disconnect time on Sundays? Do you switch off the phone, only let lovely, kind and fun people near your home and give yourself permission to let yourself relax properly? Or do you still feel the need to surf Facebook, go wild at We Love Space or spend time worrying about Monday’s meetings and next client arrival dates?

Whatever you believe, what is true for everyone is that we all need to take rest as a priority. Rest from everything that we feel we ‘have to’ or ‘ought to’ do switches off the over-thinking mind and enables us to mentally and physically unwind.

Just as the heart expands and contracts to pump blood around our bodies, the lungs do the same for us to breathe in fresh oxygen. For every giving out of time, thought, effort and energy, by Universal law we must be able to rebalance ourselves by allow ourselves to be receiving.

Although finishing off the work-we-were-meant-to-complete-on-Friday can be tempting, the benefits of having a proper break – a whole and delicious computer-free day, away from those rounded shoulders over the keyboard and the wrinkled brow of concentration (not to mention the electro-magnetic radiation) – enables benefits on every level.

  • Physically – you can walk, swim, ride, gym, enjoy outdoor exercise that enhances your fit-for-life-ness AND gives you the head and heart-space to regain your inner and outer smile
  • Mentally – frees your head-space up
  • Relationships – ensuring you can connect with people face-to-face, with real-live hugs for real-live-human love and connection
  • Soulfully – for our soul to speak, for us to be able to hear our inner-voice above the raucous interruptions of modern society, to feel centred, tuned in to our intuition (which guides us through life with trust and ease SO much better than the worrying/easily influenced conscious mind)
  • Energetically – as we open our body up and rest and relax our cells can rejuvenate, the body can heal itself and our energy can flow more freely through a relaxed whole system

Sunday is a go-slow-day and the ambience that permeates Ibiza and beyond is one of reading the paper, going to the beach, having fun with friends and family, chilling out and playing it cool.

Keep Sundays sacred and special – treat yourself to Sunday rituals that enable you to appreciate life, delicious food, exquisite company or the bliss of peace and tranquility and the sound of silence too.

This will enable you to live your life in ever-greater joy and balance, to feel good naturally and to give to others with pleasure, when you do return to reality of Monday to Friday work. Of course, if you do happen to be in a job that requires you to work on Sundays, you can designate any other day of the week as your own personal ‘supplement Sunday’ and apply these principles.

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