Ibiza life coaching: The art & science of letting go


Photography by Ana Lui

Have you ever noticed that when you let go of control and are going with the flow, great things tend to happen more easily? Or are you a perfectionist at heart – and unwilling to compromise on your standards or bend the rules? Does this work for you all the time or do you sometimes feel you are doing too much and life is working against you?

When you go with the flow there can be a lot more pleasure, happiness, FUN and spontaneity! Feeling the trust necessary to allow things to go with the flow means believing that everything is happening for a higher reason or purpose, trusting everything is as its meant to be and as existential as this may sound, here in Ibiza, this really does form part of our day to day reality!

Holding on too tight to your idea of the perfect outcome – the way that you think that things ‘should’ happen – means that some things can seem to go wrong, or leave you with a sense of disappointment that everything did not turn out perfectly.

Ibiza, the heat, the mañana, mañana culture and the many opportunities to let your hair down encourages us all to let go of too much rigidity, to feel and be free, to ‘go with the flow’, to seize the moment and embrace opportunities. Because we have made conscious choices to BE HERE in Ibiza – rather than in a traditional nine to five routine, we are able to enjoy the delicious exhilaration of more day-to-day spontaneity.

While many of us are perfectionists at heart (including yours truly!) and do all we can to make things work out well, being able to accept things as they are, to feel ok with the idea of ‘good enough can also enable us to direct much more energy positively into what IS working…

So here is the science behind it! Quantum Physics recognises that where attention goes, energy flows. Where we send our thoughts, we send our energy. So when we are putting a huge amount of thought, feeling and physical work into something that other people or, unforeseen circumstances, are not really supporting, it seems like our own blood, sweat and tears are entering a black hole. The more something is not working, the more we put into it, quite often! See the cycle?

Our ego – yep, that part of ourselves that wants to be liked, loved, appreciated, recognised – just LOVES for others to tell us how hard we are working, to feel sorry for us, to say how unfair it is and yet that is just pouring more energy on top of the hard work. Rather than steering our experience into something that is more liquid, that is growing and flowing in the right direction, that is attracting positive vibes, positive support, positive people, positive experiences, this can really throw a spanner in the works – and keep us running around like a blue-derriered fly in the 35-degree sunshine, because we are anxious or fearful of letting ourselves and others down.

Practice & discipline to help you keep letting go:
When you feel like the world is working against you, the best medicine to bring about the best results is to:

(a) STOP – remember WHY you are doing what you are doing, ie: to bring you happiness, health, wealth?(fill in the blanks!) and to let go.

(b) Take a walk, breath, do something different to break the ego-pattern of doing more-more-more – jump in the sea or take a swim.

(c) Ask yourself is this really working? Or am I pushing or forcing something to happen because I am scared/embarrassed/other about stopping and making a new and better choice for me (which could be…?)

(d) What did I learn here so that I make better investments of my time and energy?

Because when things are really working, there is no need to push. It feels lighter, easier, there is not any resistance to creates stress and tension. Instead things feel like they are running smoothly and in the 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga, as written by Deepak Chopra the Law of Least Effort you are mentally and physically doing everything from a happier place – hopefully even a place of PASSION!

PASS + ION = you are passing on your energy easily!

With practice you will find yourself moving more easily in the slip-stream, be able to laugh at situations and see the lighter, brighter side of challenges and above all, to enjoy life more. This is, after all, what we come to Ibiza for!

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