Ibiza life coaching: The law of attraction

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Would you like to be able to feel happier, lighter and more positive in life? Does your mind chatter sometimes drive you around the bend? Where attention goes, energy flows and by using the law of attraction, you can think your way to being happy and attract positive experiences easily.

Everything is energy
All of us at a sub-molecular level are made up of vibrating particles of energy. Our thoughts power our feelings, and our feelings and emotions are expressed through our physical vibrations and actions to the world around us.

Becoming conscious of this can help you to enjoy life more – how? Through choosing the thoughts that you want to think and consciously deciding how and where you want to put your time and energy.

But how do you know it is the right thought to be thinking? A simple answer is to see how that thought makes you feel! Whether it is a thought in your mind, or one that you are expressing out loud, thoughts and words have the power to transform, to hurt, to enable and to heal. Not just for the person thinking and speaking them, but also for the person who is being thought and spoken about!

Where are you putting your attention today?
Think your way to success, happiness
and far greater peace of mind by trying one week of self-practice to kick-start the benefits of this life-enhancing technique.

Morning: Begin first thing in the morning and set aside five minutes to calm and focus your mind. Take five deep breaths, seated in a comfortable position in a quiet space. What is the most challenging situation you are facing today? What would you like to be thinking and feeling about it in order to feel good now?

Evening: Cleanse and clear your mind at the end of the day with a five-minute review. What were the biggest challenges today? Were there any emails, conversations or situations that did not leave you feeling good? Is there a hidden lesson there, something you can appreciate instead? How does this help you feel when you focus on finding something good, like a diamond in the dirt?

Ongoing: Keep a ‘thought diary’ for a week. Notice the situations and experiences that trigger positive and negative, or good and bad feeling streams-of-thought. Remember – it is not the situation that matters as much as what you choose to think about it! What thoughts are bringing you the joy, fulfillment, peace and rewards you are seeking? Or if a person or situation is making you angry or frustrated, what do you need to say to yourself to help yourself feel better so that you can relax and calm the mind enough to see clear possibilities and solutions?

We cannot change or control the actions or behaviour of other people and situations, however we do have the power to take responsibility for our own. This puts you back in the driving seat of life and helps you shift into more positive states in body and mind, in your health, happiness, wealth and wellbeing.

Imagine what life can be like, when you harness your power to change the way you feel for the better. It is a choice and practice, it helps to develop your own awareness about good and bad habits that support you, or limit you in life. It is a responsibility too, because you are recognising that the responsibility to live life to the full – in essence and in energy – lies with you!