Ibiza life coaching: The power of appreciation


Photography by Ana Lui

How often do you stop and appreciate all the positive things about yourself, and about the life you have created? Do you tend to focus more on the bad or the beautiful? The real or the romantic in each situation? How would you like a simple way of empowering your life and relationships?

It is a simple art form that requires some gentle mind-discipline (and it feels really good to do too!). In essence it is: the power of appreciation.

It has been tested and proven, by leading pyschologists, that appreciation of the positive aspects of people, relationships and situations transforms and improves them! By shifting our attention and awareness we shift the flow of our energy by literally, physically, focusing it on that area, so this is what reflects back at us – by universal law, whatever it is we are focusing on starts becoming bigger, stronger, better too – we begin attracting it back.

‘Truth is beauty and beauty is truth.’

When we take away our problems about a person or situation, what we are left with is the essence of what it is and we can choose to shift our focus to look for the beauty in each situation.

Rather than being the snoring, been-out-all-night mess on the sofa our partner becomes (again), be the one that listens to our worries and hugs away our fears, the one who helps us feel free to follow up all the life opportunities that arise to be who we truly deserve to be!

The broken flowerpot stops being the focus, instead, by appreciating it, and the beautiful purple bloom blossoms that catch the light – it becomes gorgeous!

Rather than the rings under the eyes, we can focus, with appreciation, more easily on the light IN our eyes, which comes from having enjoyed a wonderful summer season full of incredible memories.

You get the point? It is not just a sweetener to make a cup of old tea taste better! It really does work and gives you the power to transform relationships, experiences and challenges into new and real truths that DO work for you. It simply requires discipline.

What is your biggest challenge right now? What are three ways you can appreciate it, or three things that you can appreciate about it instead?

For example, it is giving me the chance to grow stronger, I am learning how calm I can be amidst a storm, I am experiencing (and appreciating) what an amazing support system of friends and family I have to all back on.

Make a list of 10 things you can appreciate about yourself: I am a generous person, I really care about my friends etc…

Notice how different you feel emotionally, energetically when you read this back to yourself, out loud.

Make a list of ten things you can appreciate about your partner: He thinks to make my cup of tea a special way in the morning, that he/she believes in me etc

Notice how different you feel about and towards them when you next see them – what else starts happening?  Do any of their other undesirable habits diminishing or changing? What else do you notice?

Make a list of 10 things you can appreciate about the life YOU have created – professionally, socially, home/environmentally. Again, notice how much more empowered you feel and other positive realisations you have whilst doing this!

Keep these lists somewhere easily accessible! Keep adding to them whenever you can!

The discipline here is with the mind that is conditioned to be critical, to delete the negative thoughts by looking for what you can appreciate in each situation. This helps you live more in the now and to feel more present, which enables you to let go of draining emotional baggage based on the past. This lifts your energy, empowers you emotionally and physically and helps you rise above the small stuff to embrace the many positive opportunities in your life!

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