Introductory residents offer: Vibrational Medicine with Georgina Withers


2014 continues to be part of a strong era of change, one that was ushered in last year and saw a large shift in consciousness and awareness around the globe. Here in Ibiza, qualified vibrational medicine practitioner Georgina Withers helps treat people who are feeling imbalanced – whether due to this shift, existing emotional issues, physical problems, spiritual concerns, mental imbalances or medical diseases – restore balance to their lives, often within just one powerful session.

Georgina is offering Ibiza residents a special introductory price of just 66€ for a session until the end of February. ‘I feel like many people are going through a lot of change and turmoil at the moment and I’d like to be able to help,’ she says of her accessibly priced offer.

What happens in a session?

After gathering some history about you – family, medical and emotional – Georgina works with your body’s own energy via the use of a pendulum (dowsing), to discover areas with imbalances, or blockages. Whatever it is that you wish to address, be it medical or spiritual, everything is connected, from your immune system to your DNA, past lives and emotional traumas.

After making her professional assessment as to your ‘priority problem’ – that is, the root cause of your imbalances – she then intuitively creates a personalised vibrational remedy to be applied on certain areas of the body such as the thymus, specific organs, meridians or chakras. Your ‘remedy’ is a combination of specific natural elements (aka ‘remedies’) – all operating on different energetic healing frequencies – that have been ‘locked’ together via Georgina’s special vibration machine into a carrier base of almond oil and alcohol.

In addition to the remedy, Georgina equips her clients with the necessary tools and techniques to take home and continue to remain in balance.

How long does a session last?

Georgina allows two hours for the initial session, as there is a lot of groundwork to cover and it gives her enough time to find and treat the specific imbalances of each client. In addition to applying your remedy, she may also use one of many complementary alternative therapies in your treatment, such as holistic massage, reiki, energy work and EFT (emotional freedom technique) among others, depending on the person and the imbalance.

‘It depends on the person,’ says Georgina. ‘Usually I can get to the root cause in one session. If it has been neglected for a long period and manifested into disease, chances are you may need a few sessions, but usually emotional and spiritual issues can be corrected in just one session.’


How do I know if I need it?

The beauty of vibrational medicine is that it is for everyone. Unlike conventional medicine, where only your symptoms are treated, vibrational medicine pinpoints and treats the root cause. On a day to day basis, Georgina treats clients in Ibiza for an array of different ailments, issues or physical conditions, from pregnancy, hormone imbalances, stress and skin problems to stomach issues, general lack of energy, flu viruses and even those who have a general feeling of being ‘out of balance’.

More about Georgina Withers

Having first visited the island and the age of 17 for a holiday, with many subsequent holiday trips in the years to come, it was after a serious illness saw her being hospitalised twice in a short period of time that Georgina was inspired to make the permanent move to the white isle ten years ago. She gave up her successful hairdressing salon business and the concept of living in the material world to get back to nature and focus on the things that made her happy – starting with yoga, meditation and being by the sea!

Having previously studied Reiki and energy work in the UK, it wasn’t long after she arrived in Ibiza that Georgina embarked on an introductory vibrational medicine course with the island’s renowned ‘Dr Derek’. And thus her journey began, and for the past five years she has continued to study the technique, receiving her diploma in 2013 and now the basis of her practice here in her own studio in Ibiza.

‘I now feel grateful for that illness, as it gave me the time and space to stand back and think about what I wanted in my life. Here I am ten years later, loving what I do and doing what I love,’ she says, with a personal philosophy of non-judgment, keeping things simple and a very pure intention to help others coming directly from the heart.

To find out more or to book your Vibrational Medicine session with Georgina, call +34 669 725 689 or email More information can be found on her website