Ibiza spa review: The Giri Residence Spa

The Giri Residence 2011 , Ibiza

Treatment: Shoulder and back massage and relaxing face massage.

First impressions: The Giri Residence has a truly spectacular spa area, surrounded by stone walls and illuminated beautifully. It’s very, very quiet! My therapist Vivien was super relaxed and asked me questions about my general health and muscle pains. It was great to have a medical-style chat before the treatment – I felt like I was going to be (pardon the pun) in good hands!

Location: The Giri Residence is amazing! It feels remote, far away, quiet and beautiful… you get the feeling of being at home as it’s somehow carelessly unobtrusive! Bliss in the heart of San Juan village.

The Giri Residence 2011 , Ibiza

The experience: My back and shoulder massage was fairly strong which is exactly what I needed, and lasted for around an hour in total. Vivien found the problematic areas straight away. She also told me how to improve my posture and how to stretch my upper body. The additional half hour face massage was a welcome surprise too, I hadn’t realised how much the facial muscles can get so tense and contracted. It worked wonders!

Extras: Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sunbathing outside in the garden and an ultra-luxe chill out area… plus that home away from home atmosphere.

The verdict: The treatments at The Giri Residence are very therapeutic – basically they can be custom-created to suit exactly what you need. The spa combined with mind-blowing food and beautiful surroundings made me want to literally move in permanently.

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The Giri Residence 2011 , Ibiza