Turning over a new leaf this spring

Ibiza almond blossoms

Photography by Victor Spinelli

Springtime is here – hip, hip, hooray! All around us here in Ibiza, almond trees are blossoming and blue skies and sunshine are definitely showing us the love and light instead of the grey. As we move forward into March and the trees and plants are showing us that they are ready to burst into blossom and leaf, which new leaves do you want to turn over?

Now that winter is over, our bodies and minds are coming out of hibernation. New energy begins flowing and our organs too are ready for more action and interaction, like socialising, networking, creating new possibilities and even feeling the hormonal shifts to begin new relationships. Everything is inter-related.

What areas of your working life do you wish to grow and expand? On a personal level, would you like to be able to be calm, content, happy and trusting? What skills, techniques and life-enhancing practices do you most want to develop and grow? Being clear about how you are investing your time, energy and different life goals is vital to avoid being sucked into a whirlwind of unplanned actions.

Taking just 10 minutes to write your goals down below is a pre-emptive spring clean that helps your mind listen to the wishes of your soul. Follow this as a lifestyle checklist, to ensure your goals are clear and you stay on track, happy and aligned. Write your goals positively, in the present tense, as if you are experiencing them now, for example: I am taking one-hour for myself each day, to walk in nature, sit and relax in the sun on a beach, meditate, practice yoga etc..

  • Self and wellbeing
  • Health and fitness
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Relationship
  • Home and environment
  • Friends and family
  • Other

Keep reading these to yourself once a day, out loud. Remember how good the sunshine feels when you are enjoying it? You forget all about the clouds! Nourish yourself and your dearest dreams, needs and wishes first, so you can remain calm to consider all options that come in, choose wisely before making any big decisions, avoid taking on excess responsibilities and keep the positive vibes flowing to attract plenty of good into your life by sustaining a balance between your different lifestyle needs.