Weekly juice boost: Cleansing green juice


Photography by Ana Lui

Juice recipes provided by our health expert Lana Love, owner of Passion Cafe*

This is a wonderful alkaline drink that is ideal to drink first thing in the morning. It’s like drinking the sunshine.

1 large or 2 small cucumbers (peeled)
3 stalks of celery
2 small kale leaves or large handful of spinach
Small handful of parsley
1 small pear or small apple
½ a lemon and or little piece of ginger (optional)


Photography by Ana Lui

• Chop all your fresh, ideally organic veggies in chunks big enough to pass through your juicer.
• Make sure you put your ginger half way through so that other vegetable pushes is little amount of juice out of the juicer.
• If you want a little bit more kick to it add some lemon juice or ginger. Go easy on ginger as it can overpower the whole juice, unless you want it, hottie!
• And that’s it, it can’t be easier!

Why drink it? Celery is fantastic when mixed with other fruit and vegetables. It’s refreshing in taste and it doesn’t almost have any calories at all. So for cleansing or dieting, celery is your friend. Adding parsley, kale or spinach will add extra nutrients, especially iron. Last but not least, cucumbers are cool! They are healing, extremely low on sugar and full of hydrating agents – to help them go down easier, sweeten them up with a small pear, or apple. But only one! We don’t want a sugar rush now…

Happy juicing!

*Don’t forget, if you don’t feel like washing your juicer, Passion is open seven days a week and can do all the hard juicing work for you!