Abyangham Ayurveda Massage – Rebalancing and rejuvenating

Is your mind often overactive to the point you find it hard to rest, relax or sleep? Do you feel physical stress and tension, specifically around the shoulder blades? Do you get frequent headaches or migraines?

Ayurveda is the Indian equivalent of Chinese medicine, with roots over 5000 years old and founded on the principle that every individual has a unique constitution made up of three Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – based on the elements of air, earth, water and fire.

When we experience pain, disease or discomfort the Doshas are seen as being out of balance. Ayurveda integrates nutrition, natural homeopathic medicines and hands-on therapy, often using medicated oils tailored to each patient’s needs to restore balance. Available as a natural alternative to quick fix pills and invasive surgery throughout India, Sri Lanka and now here in Ibiza, Ayurveda treats the body and mind as a whole and massage is a key part of its treatments.

Abyangam massages are a precursor to deeper healing, detoxification and purification during Panchakarma, a powerful Ayurvedic healing and treatment process best experienced on retreat, away from the responsibilities and challenges of modern life to allow full immersion, space and time for recovery.

Unlike most styles of massage that move towards the heart, the Abyangam technique uses downward movements away from the heart, making it safe for those with high blood pressure and diabetes.

The powerful, rhythmic motions work over the entire body, flushing out toxins and releasing the stress held in our tissues, causing physical distress, muscular and joint pain and even cellulite, especially around the hips and buttocks for women.

A more physical form of Abyangam massage moves the body and rotates joints to open up the system and stimulate meridians (energy pathways) in powerful ways. Your practitioner walks on the body to enable physical alignment and deep muscular release, incorporating a cross-section of yoga knowledge into the massage itself.

Whether you opt for the intensity of the physical bodywork or prefer the flushing flow of the classical technique, Abyangam enhances the body’s ability to detoxify, purify and regenerate. With many other proven curative effects, from anti-ageing benefits – nourishing cells with oxygen and giving the complexion and circulation a huge boost – to assisting weight loss, depression, stress release, insomnia, joint pain, digestive disorders and much more, Abyangam is both rejuvenating and energising.

Doctors prescribe a minimum of seven sequential days of massage for deeper healing and in Ibiza you can experience purifying and rejuvenating Panchakarma retreats led by the highly respected healer, internationally renowned Ayurvedic teacher Komala Lyra.

Each program is tailored to meet individual needs, from oils and treatments to medicines and meals (for nutritional re-balancing) so you leave feeling lighter, brighter and much more balanced – in body and in mind.

Places are limited to ensure sufficient personal attention – for further information please contact info@ibizaretreats.com.