Ibiza yoga: 30-day Hot Yoga Challenge

30 days of hot yoga? Impossible! Or is it… a challenge? A popular practice at Hot Yoga studios all around the world – and indeed here in Ibiza at Ibiza Hot Yoga – is the ’30-day challenge’. Just like it says on the tin, the challenge is made up of 30 consecutive days of hot yoga practice. A pretty hefty commitment to say the least, even to the most dedicated yogi, but one where the benefits far outweigh even the slightest hesitation you may feel at the beginning.

30 days of intensive hot yoga practice is not just about exercise and fitness levels – it is also an intensive healing process for your body plus a powerful, positive tool for the mind. Inner determination and strength of mind are the first characteristics to show themselves within the first few days of the challenge, as the ‘can I?’ quickly becomes ‘I can’ as you push through the physical barriers to the realisation that you are much more powerful and capable than you would have imagined

Having the goal of attending 30 classes in 30 days seems like a short-term achievement, however once you start to practice, you discover much more than the basic desire to keep you active every day. Old injuries may come to the surface as your practice begins to work every cell, every muscle, every organ… in the intense heat of the studio, you can push and pull beyond what feels ‘normal’, as your blood flows through the body like never before.

Two hour per day, every day for 30 days… it may not sound like much at the beginning but your practice becomes an intensely important part of your day. Experts say you start the challenge in good health; eat healthy, eat strong; pace yourself and to always vary your position in the room in order to mix up the routine and let yourself experience different styles of practice. If you love the back of the room, try the front. If you love the front of the mirror, try the back of the room. Challenge yourself… but listen to your body. If there’s a class where you want to ‘take it easy’… do it!

At the end of the 30-day challenge, you should be stronger in both mind and body – anxiety dissipates and stress levels should feel manageable. And, of course, every layer of your body, from bones to skin, should be feeling healthy, clean, and full of energy. Many participants find they continue the daily practice based on the difference it makes in their lives throughout the challenge. look good, feel better!

Want to know more? Here in Ibiza, Hot Yoga Ibiza owner and teacher Sebastien Carincotte guides his students through the 30-day challenge each year and is an amazing guide for all levels of yoga experience, particularly for beginnners. What are you waiting for?