Ibiza yoga: How to be the perfect person

Ibiza yoga: Meditation

Not really! But we must have caught your attention if you are reading this blog! Sometimes it seems there is so much pressure in the world to be better. To achieve more, to be a better lover, mother, father, husband, wife, friend –an overall better person. Balanced, calm, more in control, healthier and hey, if you are lucky and work hard enough, even enlightened!

You only have to step into a bookshop and see all the self-help books on the shelves or the images in the media of these super achievers. I can’t help thinking – are we losing the beauty and experience of the journey for this destination: superhuman?

This happens a lot in yoga too. I used to get on to the mat daily and almost dread it. It’s true! If I felt tired that day, or a posture wasn’t working for me, or I didn’t do a certain number of sun salutes. I’d feel bad. Like I’d failed! If I look back over my past, it was the same with running… must go faster and further. And circuit training… must go to more classes and do more burpees (yes really!). Oh and dance… must be better and be the best, must perfect that pirouette!

I’m not saying achieving and striving trying and becoming better and stronger in body and mind is bad – quite the contrary. But where is the self-acceptance and appreciation in all this? Isn’t it all a bit exhausting?

Can we read those books and see those images and take some learnings, but also add our own life slant onto it too? To thank those scholars and experts, but to also have some trust in own intuition and our own strength of character?

If this blog has in any way touched you, may I make a suggestion? Try ‘Siddartha’, a novel by Herman Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of an Indian man during the time of the Buddha. Some things never change – no matter who you are or where you come from. We are all human beings on the same journey.

Namaste x