Ibiza yoga: How to do Sukhasana

Ibiza yoga: How to do Sukasana

Photography by Barbara Di Giacinto

POSE: Sukasana
Sukhasana – the ‘easy’ posture.
OK, the truth is, if you’re used to sitting on a chair in front of your computer all day, the ‘easy pose’ can be somewhat of a challenge. But finding your ‘sweet spot’ in Sukhasana reminds us how to relax again and happily spending just a little amount of time here does just the job.

BENEFITS: One benefit of this posture is that many gentle warm-up stretches are based in Sukhasana. If you are creating your own practice, try head and neck rolls, gentle twists or seated pelvis tucks before you move on to the rest of your practice. Additional benefits include:
–       Spine is intrinsically supported and strengthened
–       Incredibly relaxing – great for a meditation or just connecting to your breath after a tough day


  • Find a comfortable seated position on your mat, with your legs crossed however you like. Use your hands to remove the flesh from under your buttocks to give your back more freedom of movement.
  • Roll the tops of your thighs outward to coax the hips open and allow the sitting-bones to ground completely underneath you
  • Use a deep inhalation to lift the crown of your head toward the ceiling and with the exhalation, feel your body ground even more down through the pelvis
  • Roll your shoulders up, down and back, so your shoulder blades settle like wings down your back as the shoulders draw further away from the ears
  • Stay here as long as you can – meditate, breathe or just use this to begin your practice – or end it!

HELPFUL HINT: If you have trouble comfortably bringing your knees down while seated on the floor for any reason, try to sit on a stack of blankets or blocks. Rest buttocks and thighs on blankets, with knees traveling towards the mat. As you relax, gravity will guide the knees downward.

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