Keeping it simple


Now that May is nearly upon us and, here in Ibiza, the season is fast approaching, how are you doing with your tick-lists? At work, at home and at play?

Setting realistic goals can help to prevent problems and pre-empt stressful situations.
Simplifying responsibilities, tasks – things you ‘have’ to do and ‘want’ to do – helps clarify action steps, and create an easier path moving forward.By focusing on what you want, you set your unconscious-mental-radar to help you bring you the opportunities, possibilities and people that you need. All the while helping you build a healthy awareness of how to keep time and energy in balance, leading to a happier, more enjoyable and successful life, in every way.

So what are your goals for the next three months? How can you find solutions to simplify life – to enjoy the journey more and to stress, far less?

Take 5 minutes to ask yourself these questions for the following areas of your life:
•    Health and wellbeing
•    Work
•    Relationship
•    Home
•    Social
•    Self, creative, spiritual
•    Financial

What do you want to have, do or be feeling differently than now?
What steps do you need to take (or stop taking!) to have/receive/achieve this?
What will be the benefits for you and others around you?

After clarifying what is important in your life and thereby prioritising more easily, one of the most important stress-less solutions is being able to accept the outcome – and appreciate the results – even when they do not look and feel exactly as you wanted them to be.

Whilst setting high intentions is vital for living our life to the fullest potential, being able to let go of the perfect result helps to release and let go of untold layers of mental, physical and emotional pressure. The resulting state of appreciation is proven to raise your happiness – which optimises your wellbeing.

They say shoot for the stars and you will hit the moon, so to stress less, shoot high in every area of your life – yet allow yourself to be happy with the outcome – and then enjoy the rewarding view from the moon.

Larah Davis offers one to one Life and Wellbeing Coaching – privately and for groups – she also offers sessions at Atzaro where you can blend your sessions with treatments and relaxing-spa-time…