Kundalini Yoga

Do you sit in a chair at your laptop for most of the day or drive for long periods of time? Do you sometimes feel as though emotions are blocked, you are stifled in expressing yourself or you are lacking in sexual energy?

According to Hindu philosophy, Kundalini – or Kundalini Energy – is a concentrated coil of life force energy, lying dormant like a serpent at the base of our spines. This serpent, which can be seen in many Hindu scriptures and yogic texts is considered to be female and positioned between our 1st (base) and 2nd, (sexual or creative) Chakras. When we feel blocked, mentally, physically, sexually or creatively, we need to open them up – in order for ideas, wellbeing, inspiration and energy to flow.

In our often far too sedentary lifestyles, unless we can dance out the stiffness (yes – dancing all night in Ibiza IS good for you!), we need to find another way to free up our energy.

Whether you are already practicing Yoga or want to enhance and deepen your current practice, Kundalini Yoga is a powerful, physical and meditative practice, beginning and ending with mantras and specific sets of exercises that focus on opening up our life energy to flow.

Our hips (on either side of the first two Chakras) are where our creative, Kundalini energy is stored and best point to work with to help us open up and unlock…

One of the key elements of Kundalini Yoga focuses on hip opening. On a physical level, as Kundalini Yoga teacher Dunk Campbell explains, the pelvic area is the framework for the psoas muscle, essentially our core. When the solar plexus is tight from stress, the psoas muscle overcompensates and the hips become tighter. Fundamentally, when there are unresolved emotional issues, the hips tighten and create an even greater blockage to our creative expression and fulfilling our life purpose and goals.

The Chair Pose (detailed step-by-step below) is a great way to begin and end your day, plus an ideal way to take healthy breaks away from your computer. Further benefits include fat burning to promote healthy weight loss, improvement of sexual health, virility and vitality plus it is a superb Yoga posture for toning thighs!

*Stand and place your feet shoulder width apart, with toes pointing outwards.
*Lean forward until your back is parallel to the ground.
*Reach down and grasp your ankles, so that the elbows are passing through the inside of your knees.
*Keep your head up and begin long, deep breathing, feeling the breath fill your stomach and then gently release for a count of four.

You can practice this pose anywhere from 15 seconds to three minutes. Start slowly, and build your time up steadily. Be especially careful with your knees and only bend down as far as feels comfortable. It is possible to do a modified version of this pose by standing against a wall and working your way lower as your legs get stronger, a technique also used in physiotherapy.

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