Ibiza life coach: The art of living life in flow

Ever feel like you are pushing too hard? Lacking in energy, espresso cups stacking up on your desk as we type? Is the summer season in Ibiza taking its toll? Is it like you’ve been playing and working as hard as you can yet still not quite feeling fulfillment or rewarded?

Living here in our beautiful white island is an intense and wonderful experience. Becoming self-sufficient, without the props and security blankets of larger organisations providing year-round jobs can incite fear and anxieties in many people or inspire strength and trust to grow.

Not for the faint-hearted, you need courage, vision and wisdom to keep tending to your projects, your concepts and your business ideas. Here great oaks can grow from the smallest of acorns yet, like the magical world of Mother Nature, we need to keep ourselves – like the surrounding soil – fertile and in harmony with everything else going on.

So when the summer season kicks into high-tempo, knowing when to rein back the galloping horse and stay in for a night or two, to write less emails, take a break from Twitter and give Facebook an about-face is all vital for ensuring you keep coming from the right, soft and creative, inspired and appealing place within you.

We are all our own brand ambassadors, for whatever it is that we are doing. An island of creative dreamers and active imaginations, putting less pressure on and feeling into the best times to make our moves, speak with potential clients, cherry-picking the best nights is all a must for your Ibiza wellbeing; surviving the hot, hot, hot climate and the higher vibrations of the let-your-hair-down-and-go-wild peak season.

There is great power in gentleness; the female yin indicates receiving rather than doing, in contrast with the yang and on our isle of sirens and gorgeous goddesses, where female energies are flowing, make the most of learning how to live life in flow, listen to your intuition.

How do you know when you are moving with your flow? It’s a visceral ‘inner-knowing’ that for each of us is unique. Some great indicators, include this top five check-points to ensure you are allowing life’s horse to carry you further, that this party, this person, this opportunity really will take you into good waters…

1. How am I feeling right now? What does my gut feeling say?
2. Does this feel good?
3. Is it happening easily?
4. Is it a pleasure or a pressure?
5. Am I doing this/making this choice because I feel like I have to? Or because it genuinely feels right to me?

Tune in to your inner compass and you will notice people, opportunities and synchronicities begin to happen. Less effort is required and magical experiences unfold. By listening more and more to the softer inner-voice of our own intuition, we learn to be in our own power and thus our confidence and strength simply grows.