New year, new you

ibiza-blog-wellbeing-new-youThey say ‘tis the season to be jolly… to break out the champagne, to let your hair down and to celebrate the dawn of a new decade. When we are closing one chapter and beginning another, surely a little self-indulgence is deserved…

However throughout the festive season, when the food and wine are flowing, the chocolates keep emerging, along with the brandy, the cake and the wine (again) things can go from less to more without you even batting an eyelid – before you know it, it’s January 6th, 2010 and there are still leftovers begging to be eaten in the fridge!

When you look back in retrospect, maintaining some kind of balance throughout this period would be great, yet it often doesn’t happen. Therefore, after a season of excess, the most important thing to do for your own wellbeing is to avoid self-flagellation. Telling yourself you shouldn’t have eaten or drunk so much simply adds to your cellular derision – meaning, those thoughts that lead to not feeling good about ourselves can do as much harm, quite literally, as the consumption that created them!

Choosing to see this period as a time of cheer, togetherness and of simply ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ is the key to your utmost wellbeing. The fact is, the good spirits you enjoy do plenty of good for your mind, body and soul. Allowing yourself to indulge in that extra glass of wine (or more) is indeed, part of life – and if the excess causes you to feel utterly dreadful the next day, look at it this way: at least you have an even better vantage point in looking forward to how well you do want to be feeling!

Dedicating time and space in January to detoxify and cleanse, both in body and in mind, is a great way to allow yourself to immerse yourself in festivities without feeling guilty in the lead up to the new year.

Detoxifying the body, with carefully managed processes to support your vital organs and a safe flushing out of toxins is an amazing way to begin the next year. When paired with yoga, massages and the cold-water plunging of Kneippism, the body is rejuvenated, cleansed and ready for its next challenge. This detox process is not unlike a ceremonial process, with rituals that enable you to look and feel lighter, clean and clear.

Finding time to detox the mind of negative thoughts and emotions is also a great way to start the year. Just like fatty foods and too much alcohol, destructive thoughts, also take their toll on us at a cellular level. Write a list of all the ‘baggage’ you want to let go of – to release old hurts, bitterness, pain, bad feelings towards yourself and others – and instantly notice the extra clarity and energy you gain from the recognition. This is an uplifting release process that is so simple and which you can enjoy on your own or with friends – complete the process with a ritual burning of the paper at the end and you have then cleared a mental space to focus on what you want in 2010, the joy, happiness, wellbeing, health, fulfillment, fun and wealth that you deserve.

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