Raw and living food


How are you feeling in these hot, hot, hot days of summer? Are you eating lunch then taking a siesta? Or are you giving all you can – while you can – then feeling exhausted and burned out later on? Do you seek the caffeine buzz to pick you up and then later feel a definite slump? Would you like to discover a better way to enhance your energy – to stay more balanced and to nourish yourself so you can sleep well at night and stay clear and focused throughout the day?

Here in Ibiza in the sweltering summertime heat, it’s easy to skip meals in a hurry, or just forget to eat because of hectic schedules, then experience, a low-blood-sugar flop, when you’ll feel snappy, tired, lethargic or simply drained of energy.

Zenses, Ibiza catering and wellbeing

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

Raw and living food gives us more than all the nourishment we need on a daily basis and (hallelujah!) it really CAN fill you up – at any time of day and in smaller, easier to consume quantities.

The raw food diet is principally made up of organic ingredients – namely vegetables prepared with a maximum of 45-degree heat (but no higher!) to ensure as many nutrients as possible are retained. Raw food is packed with powerful enzymes (that would normally break down in the cooking process), which also allows your food to digest much more quickly, hence the name ‘living food’.

The flavours you experience from the freshness of the food are vibrant and pique your taste buds with infusions of richness whilst leaving your body feeling clear, clean and light overall. There are many preparation methods, from the very simple to much more sophisticated (including a technique known as dehydration), so if you’re someone who loves to ‘cook’, never fear – it still retains that therapeutic element!

There are plenty of tasty options – fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, dried fruits, seaweed, roots, marinated vegetables and much more. By practicing a consciousness to choose and consume foods that are unprocessed and organic, we are supporting our environment and creating greater awareness about how vital it is that we take care of our incredible mother earth, while also taking optimum care of our bodies.

Incorporating raw and living foods into your diet is also a fast track to weight loss – simply by eating what your body really needs, you replenish your system with nutrients, while feeling satisfied much more quickly and easily. Adios mid-afternoon sugar and caffeine cravings!

Choosing raw and living food is a great way to invite purification and cleansing into your diet naturally. And the benefits are many, including clearer thinking, greater focus, rejuvenated organs, weight loss, radiant, more luminous skin plus of course, greater energy. You’ll also experience a greater sense of  a peace, and as an added bonus, you’ll feel years younger too!

It’s worth noting that raw and living foods may not be entirely suitable for everybody and it’s best to incorporate the concept into your diet gradually and to listen to your body and how you feel as you go along to get a feel as to whether its right for you personally.

There are superb raw food chefs around the island – including blog contributor and Zenses Maestra Aliwalu. Email her on aliwalu@zenses.es for further information about raw food workshops (the next is held on July 26, held in a beautiful house high in the hills of in Santa Gertrudis), dinners and private catering.