Spring clean your lifestyle


As we finally step into spring 2010, are you feeling excited about the year ahead – looking forward to lighter, brighter evenings, happy clients, social highlights and all the good times to come?

Or is it a case of two-months post-festive season, you are feeling the stress and pressure creep back into your life? Do you have a habit of taking on too much, through a desire to succeed, to please and to do things perfectly? The desire to make others happy, to meet goals, to look and feel fit and fabulous while looking after your family, home, business and your career are positive characteristics, in balance, but just how often do you feel overwhelmed and reach that combustion stage?

Sometimes without realising it, all of the above traits, plus added elements like travel, tiredness, illness or a bolt from the blue, can cause you to experience emotional outbursts, react in undesirable (and sometimes embarrassing) ways, create pains in your back and shoulders – it can even cause extra lines (very often prematurely ageing ones) on your face.

It seems the modern day challenge is, how to live life to the full. How to create and achieve all you desire and deserve, while knowing your own personal tipping point, and to know exactly what you need to feel balanced, calm and happy in all aspects of life. Being conscious of yourself and what you need to be able to be the way you want to be, at home, in your relationships, on the dance floor, on the streets – wherever life takes you.

So why not, as we sashay into spring, give yourself a lifestyle audit, to identify what you want and need in each area of your life. There’s no better time than right now to do a spring clean of your life. Just follow our simple tips below.

Apply each of the questions below to your life – and be honest. After all, there’s no point lying to yourself!

1. What is important to me about feeling good, balanced, happy and fulfilled in each area of your life?
•    Mentally – what kind of thoughts are you experiencing?
•    Physically – how is your body feeling? Relaxed? Strong? What is your posture like?
•    Emotionally – what feelings are you experiencing?
•    Energetically – where are your energy levels?

2. Now look at where your life is right now and give yourself marks out of 10 for each area in terms of where you want to be, 10 being completely happy and balanced and zero being unhappy.
•    Home
•    Career
•    Financial
•    Relationship
•    Social
•    Self-development
•    Health & Wellbeing
•    Any other elements important to you

3. Now ask yourself, what has to happen to be able to feel good in areas that you are unhappy? What changes do you personally need to make?

With new focus and with clarity you can more easily sculpt a clear path to progress in all the ways you desire, without the extra pressure and the stress.

In the words of the infamous Desiderata: ‘Go placidly amidst the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence’. Take some ‘you time’ every day, just stop, reflect, enjoy the silence… just be. Because it is in these moments of silence when we find our inner peace.

Larah Davis of Ibiza Retreats is a qualified life coach, wellbeing consultant and NLP master practitioner – who offers one on one coaching in Ibiza, London or via Skype and telephone.