Ibiza Au Naturel

Ibiza Beach, Benirras

How often do you just stop, look around and appreciate where you are right now? Here in Ibiza it ought to be easy, right? But whether we’re in the campo or the city, we can still find ourselves rushing inadvertently to get from A to Z, missing out on the joys and pleasures that are naturally on offer.

When we consciously choose to focus on appreciating the good things in life, by the law of attraction, the world around responds with clear, bright reflections. We need to focus on the power of appreciation.Missing out on the joys and the pleasures that are naturally on offer gives our minds, bodies and spirits a lift, morning, evening or just ten seconds at a time. Happiness is all about balance – consciously tipping your balance into more thinking and feeling good, every day.

So today, we’d like to encourage you to take a deep breath – breathing in and out consciously, to tune into yourself. Embrace the glorious warmth of summer, feel the heat of the moment and see even the craziest of times as an opportunity to begin to fine-tune your tools, giving you the ability to stop in each moment.

Taking the time to focus on finding three things to appreciate is a great way to just stop, even for a moment. Do it right now – it takes absolutely no effort and yet by taking your mind off the heat, your stress or pain, helps you slip back into the here and now where everything is ok and you can live and breathe your way into another day.

It is a practice, and it does take practice, so why not start right now? Even if all is overwhelming, bodies and minds are exhausted beyond belief, you have crossed the island in the midday heat or the morning rush hour for what feels like the millionth time and just-don’t-know-how-you-are-going-to-complete-everything-you-have-to-do-today! Embrace the appreciation for whatever you can find in this very moment, to help release the struggles and strains that a super-busy summer creates.

Take the practice to another level by taking a break from your hectic pace of life and taking a trip to Benirras beach. Find ten things to appreciate and focus purely on them. For example, to get you started, think of the glistening waters of the Mediterranean (1) in a pristine bay of untouched sand (2), perfect for early morning yoga (3) while experiencing the sensual lapping of the waves (4). Feel the relief of cares and worries as it is washed away (6), feeling instead, a smile – in your heart and on your face (7) as you look across Benirras Bay (8) and enjoy the purity of that precious, still, moment, with nothing but two boats and buoys bobbing on the waves. The other two things, I leave up to you.

This simple and humbling prescription actually does raise your vibration, having been proven by psychologists to take you to a higher state of wellbeing. After all, life is good, isn’t it?

Thank you Ibiza, for all that you give to me!