Your star signs by Tamara: December 2011

Inner Power Astrology, Tamara, Ibiza, Spain

A message for all signs: This month is action-packed with a lunar eclipse and three planets returning to forward motion. The last eclipse of 2011 is on Dec 10 – a full moon in Gemini. It’s visible for 51 minutes in parts of Europe, East Africa, Asia and Australia. Also on this date, planet Uranus stands still and Mercury returns to forward motion on Dec 13. You may have happily bumped into old friends or found lost items during this last retrograde period of the year, though continue to avoid travel, major purchases or signing important documents before then. We welcome a new lunar cycle on Dec 24, then last but certainly not least, jolly Jupiter steps into line on Dec 25. Happy Birthday to Sagittarians, Capricorns and happy holidays to all!

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*Message for All Signs: If you know your ascending sign, please read for this sign first, followed by your star sign.