2012 Horoscopes: Your year ahead

Inner Power Astrology, Tamara, Ibiza, Spain

White Ibiza’s exclusive astrologer Tamara tells us eclipses are harbingers of major change, like cosmic earthquakes – they agitate the ground upon which we stand and create shifts in the life we know. She says 2012 will observe four eclipses, making it an average year. By contrast, in 2011 we experienced six eclipses; indicating the tumultuous change and shifting of our current zeitgeist. It seems this year will ride the waves already begun in 2011 and not see a real transformation of issues until October. Read more about the infamous ‘end of the Mayan Calendar’ here for more details.

Other big astrological news is the June 11 move of Jupiter into Gemini, the October 5 move of Saturn into Scorpio and the February 3 move of Neptune into Pisces. Neptune leaves the most impact as it stays in Pisces for a period of 14 years, re-introducing the age of romanticism and advancing artistic and spiritual expression. Gemini gets a double dose of action when Venus, which only moves backwards once every eight years, does so in its sign May 15. An important point for all signs: March 11-16 may be the best week of the year for business launches or money-related initiatives.


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