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Akwaterra Massage

In 2017, the art of massage is taken to the next level at Open Spa, with the addition of award-winning Akwaterra treatments.

Indulging in a massage is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A supremely skilled masseuse can ease you into a state of deep relaxation, help de-stress, unwind and also soothe any tension or sore muscles.

In 2017, the art of massage is taken to the next level at Ibiza’s most premium day spa, Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel, with the addition of Akwaterra massages to the extensive treatment menu. Akwaterra is a new massage concept devised in the south of France, using a specially designed kit of massage tools that allow your therapist to deliver an even deeper, more relaxing and revitalising treatment than ever before. After being awarded the prestigious Prix H. Pierantoni award for innovation in 2015 at the International Beauty and Spa Congress, the brand was instantly in high demand among the world’s leading spas and wellness centres. Here in Ibiza, it is available exclusively at Open Spa.

As with every treatment at Open Spa, the experience is so much more than the heavenly 90-minutes spent on the plush massage table. Your Open Spa appointment starts in the tranquil, low-lit relaxation room, where your feet are tucked into comfy slippers and a soothing heated lavender pillow is applied to your neck as you wait for your therapist to lead you to the treatment pod. It’s the little touches like these that help bring you to total relaxation. The full-body Akwaterra massage experience could be described as otherworldly. Rather than using hands to apply pressure, your therapist takes matching pairs of ceramic ergonomic Akwaterra tools – there are four different varieties, each with a function specific to its shape – and uses them, in conjunction with essential oils, simultaneously via deep, rhythmic stroking motions that are completely fluid. The tools, which are filled with hot water and then kept at just the right temperature in a bespoke heating device, are compatible with a variety of massage techniques and just like any massage, pressure can be tailored to suit your needs and preferences.

The first of the four tools is dubbed ‘Kinsey’ – a large, circular tool with smaller knobs on the bottom, designed to improve blood circulation, drain toxins, reduce water retention and tighten the skin. ‘Kaya’ is a large triangular shaped tool, custom made to ease tendons and ligaments via working deeply in precise points across the body. A completely smooth, round device named ‘Satinka’ helps relieve muscle tension and offers an incredibly relaxing sensation as it glides effortlessly across the body, exuding warmth at the same time. Finally, ‘Ishka’ is another smooth and round tool, however on a smaller scale, that improves micro circulation and tightens the skin – this can also be used on the face or for a more thorough, deeper massage across the body.

Deftly wielding the tools along your muscles with even pressure, the therapist maintains a continuous energy flow over the body for the duration of the treatment, their hands at one with the tools. The diffusing heat of the Akwaterra kit is at once comforting and healing, opening the pores and allowing the body to receive the healing benefits of the essential oils used in the treatment. Ultra-relaxing and completely revitalising, an Akwaterra massage relieves any discomfort in the body and removes knots in the muscles caused by stress and tension. Quite simply, it’s as close to heaven as you can get! At the end of the treatment, you’ll be invited to float back down the hallway in your plush white robe and return to the relaxation room and given another lavender pillow to help you remain in your deeply relaxed state for as long as possible. Sip on herbal tea, snack on nuts, fresh fruit or even indulge in some chocolate – but whatever happens, you won’t need to lift a finger as Open Spa’s intuitive team are on hand to serve up whatever your heart desires. All spa guests are invited to use the Open Water facility in the space next door after their treatments – healing water circuits designed to help you achieve total wellbeing. Combined with the state of relaxation achieved from the Akwaterra massage, this is an all-new level of bliss and an absolute must-try experience in Ibiza for 2017.

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