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Retreat into winter wellness

The best way to fully appreciate the six elements of Ibiza (yes, six!) is with the all-new Atzaró's Open Air concept this winter.

In ancient Greece some clever, probably bearded, philosopher came up with the concept of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

Here in Ibiza some clever philosopher, also probably bearded, came up with the fifth and six elements: retreat and relax. No doubt that particular philosopher had Agroturismo Atzaró in mind at the time. The best way to fully appreciate the six elements of Ibiza is at Atzaró Spa – the beautiful open-air space within the luxurious boutique hotel grounds that is dedicated to health, wellness, pampering and fitness all year round. As the island starts to shift gears, ready for another winter season, it is here you’ll find Ibiza winter living at it’s absolute best. Winter tourism has been slowly increasing over the past few years and now it seems the secret is out. With this in mind, the experts at Atzaró Spa have developed an all-new Open Air Spa concept, adding to the already luxurious treatment menu, yoga and Pilates classes, sauna, hamman and gym at Atzaró Spa. Split into six elements of earth, water, fire, air, retreat and relax, it’s reason enough to live here all year round and if you don’t, it’s even more of a reason to come for a winter jaunt at Agroturismo Atzaró.

When it comes to the earth element, the rugged natural beauty of Ibiza lends itself to hikes of all kinds. Trooping through the pristine forest with friends and stopping for tea and cake at a secret viewpoint overlooking the vast Mediterranean Sea is nothing short of sublime. Those who prefer wheels over feet can join in a mountain bike trip and for the even more adventurous, there’s rock climbing – one of the island’s best kept secret activities with terrain suitable for all levels of climbing. Some prefer a slower pace especially when it involves delicious food and drink – gastronomic tours of the island’s best dishes are just the ticket. No doubt one of the more popular activities on the Atzaró Open Air ticket will be the Enthobotanical Trek, where experts guide participants through the forest foraging for wild food and medicinal plants. Gardening workshops located in the Agroturismo Atzaró vegetable garden will impart tips and tricks for growing organic food at home – whether you’re based in Ibiza or want to take your newfound knowledge home with you, it’s a skill you can utilise anywhere in the world.

The Ibiza climate means year-round water sports are completely accessible and Atzaró Open Air can arrange all types of under and over water activities for its guests. Scuba and snorkelling during the quiet months permits a much broader experience of the marine life of the island, well-preserved and kept clean by the World Heritage Listed Posidonia seaweed native to the Balearic islands. Jumping in a kayak with a professional guide shows a dolphin’s eye view of Ibiza’s secret coves and impressive coastline. Exploring the network of natural caves that dot the coast is the perfect way to channel your inner pirate – by day or by dusk, no two experiences are ever alike. And the buzz of cliff jumping into the crystal sea is unequalled.

Up, up in the air, thrilling romance is the best way to describe hot air ballooning – another of the impressive excursions arranged by Atzaró Open Air. Unlike other modes of transport, hot air balloons still carry a sense of refined dignity about them. In Ibiza, flights leave early and catching an aerial view of the sun rising over the hills and valleys is breathtaking. Despite the early hour, it’s tradition to enjoy champagne and breakfast on board. This is Ibiza after all.

When it comes to the element of fire, Atzaró Open Air look beyond traditional flames and turn their sights on more of an inner burn. Mutli-adventurous programs can be designed to include all the things you love. Start the day with a hot air balloon, move onto a hike with a picnic lunch then afternoon tea on a secluded beach with your kayak followed by a deep, relaxing hamman and massage back at base. Choose the elements you love and enjoy!

Not content with simply providing the means to fully enjoy all the island has to offer, the team at Atzaró Spa takes the element of retreat one step further. This November, the stunning hotel presents two exclusive retreats in which guests can be immersed in the beautiful surroundings while focusing purely on rest, relaxation and rejuvenation with other like-minded guests. From November 5 to 8, 2017 Kelly Morgan hosts the Inner State Retreat, designed to reboot your strengths and revitalise your life. Later that month from November 17 to 22, 2017, the Natural Retreat hosted by Own Experiences aims to rebalance body and mind through the wisdom of nature.

Finally we reach the mythical sixth element – possibly the most important of all – and get to relax. Agroturismo Atzaró does many things very well but when it comes to relaxation, this bucolic boutique hotel is unsurpassed. Chill out on the Balinese daybeds soaking up the gentle winter sun, stretch out your worries in yoga, steam your day away in the sauna and let it all slide away like massage oil off your back with an array of treatments that are amongst the best in the world. Oh, and then cocktails naturally. Followed by dinner, of course, made from organic ingredients sourced from the hotel’s in-house restaurant’s own garden. Health and wellness all wrapped up for winter.

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