Activate your potential with Christof Melchizedek


Ibiza healing specialist Christof Melchizedek is a DNA blueprinter and activator, available to help you change your energetic and DNA program so you can create a different reality, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of without limitations.

“Everything you create in your life is written as a ‘code’ in your DNA,” explains Christof. “This code acts in a similar way to the binary code in your computer – it is actually the programming code for operations in the Mind-Body-Energy triad that shapes and creates your reality.”

So if you’re looking to improve your reality, and upgrade to the highest vibration possible, Christof says you’ll need to adjust the aforementioned DNA. “DNA is multi-dimensional in nature and contains energetic properties that (when unlocked) allow you to embody more dimensions of consciousness. By switching on more of this energetic DNA potential, your personal vibration set point elevates, to create better and higher opportunities, potentials and timelines in your life.”

To help facilitate this DNA adjustment, Christof offers one-on-one sessions, where he works alongside ‘Leaders of the New Earth’ – people who feel they have a SOUL based mission to CLEAR all the levels and layers stored in DNA – to clear four levels of your belief systems: Experiential, Ancestral, Past Life and Soul Level.

Via this process, any negative energetic programs such as spiritual contracts, vows, bindings, blind loyalty, co-dependancies, energetic seals and negative thought forms can be deleted. “Once everything is clear and open, the DNA can be re-programmed and activated to its highest energy holding potential, which is our birthright” says Christof of the outcome. The next step? Living your life to its highest potential…

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