Featured retreat: 7-day Buddha House Fasting Retreat

About the retreat: April 11 – 18, 2013. A fully guided Dr O Buchinger fast, hosted by Ilona Pantel-Ayal at Buddha House, which is renowned for being the ultimate fasting week for healthy people. This fast guarantees healthy protein levels to be maintained whilst offering the body the opportunity to clear and cleanse and the mind the time to declutter too. This is a tea-juice-broth-fast. The body is supplied with watered down, ecologically produced fruit juices and vegetable broths, vitamins and mineral nutrients. 2-3 litres of mineral water are drunk per day.

Cost: Apartment – 2 persons all incl. 2690€ or single occupancy 1625€
Room (with bathroom) – 2 persons all incl. 2490€ or single lodging 1495€
Room (without bathroom but you have sole use of one inside the main house!) – Single lodging only 1195€

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