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Madrid born Delia de Miguel's path in life was written in her DNA.

Madrid born Delia de Miguel's path in life was written in her DNA. As Wellness Manager at Agroturismo Atzaró, holistic tourism consultant to local government and coordinator of the government initiative Ibiza Is Wellness.

Madrid born Delia de Miguel’s path in life was written in her DNA. As Wellness Manager at Agroturismo Atzaró, holistic tourism consultant to local government and coordinator of the government initiative Ibiza Is Wellness, she credits her yoga teaching, gym-owning mother as her inspiration. Her studies in cultural affairs and marketing took her from Madrid to Mexico and India, where along the way she began to connect her passion for wellness and her skills in communication. Calmness emanates from deep within her clear hazel eyes and joy plays across her smile with ease. Here is a woman who is following her dream to guide people towards health and happiness. Passionate, dedicated and highly motivated, Delia is helping to weave all the elements of Agroturismo Atzaró towards one holistic entity.

How did you come to live in Ibiza? Like many people, I came here when I was younger for holidays with friends. The first time was 20 years ago. Then, five years ago, when I lived in Mexico, I came here to work in different wellness centres for various summer seasons. Finally, I stayed for good!

How did your role at Agroturismo Atzaró come about? I’ve worked here for a year now but before that I collaborated with Agroturismo Atzaró a lot. I did some master classes with them on integral yoga, where I combined nutrition and meditation with positive psychology and Bollywood dancing! It was so much fun.

What does your job entail? As Wellness Manager, I concentrate on promoting and running the fitness club – exercise, events, courses and retreats. My colleague Santi coordinates the treatments and spa – he has an excellent team. But we are like a family here. We all work closely together. We have lots of packages where you can combine the spa with fitness and nutrition.

Were your studies directed towards wellness? While I was studying Cultural Management I became really interested in people’s healthy habits: what they eat, their exercise routines, the climate conditions, how they live… how healthy habits and conditions are part of culture. I realised there was a way to focus my studies into wellness as part of the local culture.

Tell us a little more about that. My master’s thesis was called ‘Holistic Tourism as a Tool for Developing Health, Culture and Sustainable Economies’. I used Ibiza as a model for the thesis and compared it to other places like Costa Rica, Tulum, India and Bali. I realised Ibiza has an enormous potential for holistic tourism.

What makes Agroturismo Atzaró a centre for wellness in Ibiza? It’s the perfect place for yoga classes, open air exercise and relaxation, healthy food and events – and we have many. We also provide space for master classes and workshops. The doors are always open to lots of different events to share with the people of Ibiza. We work towards being part of the community. Everyone wants to look after themselves and to look after the island. Everyone wants the tourists that come here to look after the island too. That’s what we strive for. We work from four main points – exercise and outdoor activities, wellbeing, nutrition and education.

Tell us about exercise and outdoor activities? The active aspect includes yoga, Pilates and fitness. You can do directed classes or train by yourself. Outside of the hotel we organise hikes, mountain biking, and water sports. So, we combine the indoor and outdoor sides of the island.

What does wellbeing entail? The part for wellbeing is about relaxation, health and forming good habits. Spa treatments include massage, rituals and beauty plus the hamman and sauna. In the spa, all the main products we use are organic and many are made here in Ibiza.

How does nutrition come into it? Our restaurant, La Veranda, has a super healthy and conscious menu. A lot of the produce comes directly from our vegetable gardens. We host workshops on organic gardening and cooking for those interested in maintaining a healthy diet at home.

And how do you educate your clients? The educational aspect comes in the form of master classes, retreats and workshops. Respected teachers from all over the world come to share their knowledge with us.

Yoga is a big part of the wellness activities on offer at Atzaró Fitness Club. Tell us about the styles on offer? We have such incredibly talented yoga teachers here. We offer Kundalini, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha Power Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, which works a lot with the four elements and breath. For a more therapeutic yoga there is Iyengar and Sound Healing Yoga. Then there is Chakra and Mindfulness Yoga, which places a lot of importance on training the presence and Dynamic Yoga, which is combined with Ayurveda knowledge. We also have Dance Yoga and Acroyoga for fun. There is yoga to suit everybody and every mood

What classes do you teach personally? I teach Pilates, Yogilates and Tonification. We also have Abs, Core and Hypopressive classes, which is a type of abdominal gymnastics. It’s very good for the core and post baby. All classes are open to guests and residents. We have very accessible packages for both summer and winter that can include spa access too.

What are the future goals for the wellness concept at Agroturismo Atzaró? Above all, we put a lot of effort in to continuing to improve the quality of the services we provide. It’s a luxury service but it’s also accessible. Anyone can come and do classes and courses here to participate in this lifestyle. We also have plans to extend the wellness space at some point so we can continue to offer interesting and engaging activities for guests and locals.

What makes Ibiza an ideal destination for holistic tourism? The world of wellness has changed a lot in the last five years. Here in Ibiza we’ve spent a few years germinating and now this side of the island is blooming. Daily life here is very clean and ecological. People who live here know that and love it for that. The landscape is beautiful, there is no pollution, and the produce is exceptional. Ibiza is becoming another thing. It’s very special.

How has your work with local government contributed to this change? The local government are now very interested in promoting wellness and holistic tourism. I was approached to develop a platform to help organise this side of the island. Ibiza Is Wellness works as a directory and a map of all the people and places that are providing holistic services. There are 16 categories including organic farms, healthy restaurants and shops, rural accomodation and many more. It’s been online since this year and it is growing fast!

What do you love about working at Agroturismo Atzaró? The team here is more like a family. It’s not like being at work! And it’s such a beautiful place. Sometimes I walk down to the spa and I think: ‘Wow! I get to work here!’ I also love how everyone here is always open to new ideas and projects. It’s very dynamic.

What do you love about living in Ibiza? The thing I love most about Ibiza is the healthy lifestyle we can have here. After living in Mexico City, Delhi and Madrid, you can imagine. You have everything here. A little village, a beach, a mountain; everything is within reach. Ibiza has a creative and magnetic energy.

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