Hot Yoga expert: Sebastien Carincotte

Born in France in 1977, on-island Hot Yoga expert Sebastien Carincotte, founder of Hot Yoga Ibiza has lived in Ibiza for almost 10 years. He has been practicing yoga since 2006 and did his teacher training in Hawaii with the one and only Bikram in 2007.

‘Training was a really tough experience,’ he says. ‘Certainly the longest nine weeks of my life!’ However Sebastien had fallen in love at first pose with yoga and knew something more than purely physical exercise was hidden beyond the practice and wanted to explore beyond the basics.

When he returned from training in 2007 – ‘Hawaii is another wonderful place with a really special energy,’ he says – Sebastien had discovered a new side to himself, and immediately started to teach classes in a studio, loving the experience sharing his skills with his students gave him. Two years later, he opened his own beautiful new studio, Hot Yoga Ibiza (near Can Misses) where he has been teaching ever since.

Hot Yoga students from all over the world to practice in Ibiza, declaring Hot Yoga Ibiza ‘one of the most beautiful studios in Europe.’ This was verified even more when Bikram himself visited the space, declaring it a five-star studio.

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