Ibiza wellness

Introducing Anne Semonin facials

Open Spa is a sanctuary that allows you to take much-needed time for yourself, specialising in world-renowned Anne Semonin facials.

Modern-day life is a challenge. Days are spent constantly running from place to place and the majority of people have a tendency to put others first – often to the detriment of their health and appearance. This is why it’s so important to occasionally allow yourself time for little luxuries. Those moments in which you can take precious time to stop, relax, and just be are essential, for both physical and mental wellbeing. In Ibiza, there’s nowhere better for this than Open Spa – the luxurious wellness centre within Ibiza’s only Five-Star Grand Luxe resort – where an Anne Semonin facial is the current buzzword on everyone’s lips, thanks to its beneficial properties for body and soul. Anne Semonin is a hugely successful, luxury skincare brand renowned internationally for its excellence. With a reputation for giving the best facials in the world, Ibiza Gran Hotel has scored a coup by becoming the only place in Ibiza where you can experience the mind-blowing array of treatments on offer. The secret of the brand’s success lies with eponymous founder, Anne Semonin, who has spent over three decades perfecting the products and technique behind the facials. The result is an incredibly healing range, developed to suit all manner of skin types – regardless of type, age, or condition.

The stresses and strains of everyday life ease into the ether as soon as you enter the elegant surrounds of Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel. A sanctuary away from outside hustle and bustle, this is a space where time and thoughts are forgotten in favour of much-needed rest and recuperation. You’re greeted at the desk by a friendly member of staff and then guided to the relaxation room, where beds warmed to 20 degrees prepare you for the Open Aqua circuit. Here, there’s time to savour a stunning range of high-tech spa pools, steam rooms and a sauna, so once it’s time for your treatment, you’re already immersed in a state of complete relaxation. There’s an attention to detail that really stands out at this spa, too. Slippers are warmed before being placed on your feet, healthy snacks and mint-infused water are laid out for guests, and a lavender-infused pillow is placed on your neck – everything is done to make time here a luxury experience. This continues through to the treatment room, where calming music, warming light and a highly-trained therapist is there to guide you through a process that regenerates and boosts the skin, and along with it, your esteem.

The basis of all Anne Semonin treatments is a revolutionary combination of essential oils, trace minerals and marine active ingredients. Each step of the process is tailored to suit specific needs and skin type, but every facial follows the same regimen. With the Cryo Time Freeze facial, for example, the first step is to cleanse the face with a herb-infused botanical milk, which cleans the surface of the skin in preparation for the further steps to come. Next, a botanical toner is applied. Formulated with witch hazel, this product soothes and rebalances the skin. In the third stage, an exfoliating mask is gently applied, and by this point skin is already beginning to look and feel different. Infused with seaweed and kaolin, the mask removes dead skin cells and visibly brightens the complexion. The next step is where the therapist’s experience really shines. Firming IC and precious serum are applied, and then, using her extensive knowledge of the products and skin types, she combines the perfect mixture of essential oils and trace minerals for your skin. The rich elixir is then smoothed over the skin’s surface and applied using a unique Anne Semonin drainage massage, developed by Anne herself after years of experimenting with the technique. Pressure applied to the face ensures maximum absorption, and simultaneously stimulates other parts of the body, promoting lymph nodes to remove toxins. The mask is left to sit for 10 minutes, while the therapist conducts a relaxing reflexology session, to lull you further into a state of bliss.

Once the mask has been removed, Express Radiance ice cubes are applied to every part of the face. Made using Anne Semonin products and serums, they glide over the skin promoting deep healing of cells. To finish, a contour serum and anti-ageing cream are applied (all chosen to provide maximum results for each individual), and while this ensures healing continues long after the treatment, it’s of course recommended to invest in products and have a home face care plan of your own in order to see optimum results. Nevertheless, the results are instant – smoother, plumper, younger looking skin. You leave with a spring in your step, a renewed sense of confidence and the enjoyable feeling of knowing you’ve taken time out to care for yourself.