Ibiza life coach: Easter moderation


Easter is here and the opening parties have already started! Can you believe it? So how are you feeling after the first big nights out, excited for a fruitful season ahead or still hung over and exhausted? Do you detox after a heavy couple of party weekends and then get back on it again? Would you prefer to create a bit more balance while recognising you just love to let your hair down? What could your life be like if you enjoyed a little bit more… moderation?

Ah, the Ibiza lifestyle. Sun, sea, sand, rose, happy smiling people and of course, the very best parties in the world. It is so very tempting to keep enjoying this holiday-like bliss even when you are living here… which is when things can easily go a little beyond positive vibes.

Patterns can develop, like a beer every lunchtime becomes two or more, followed by a Hierbas chaser (naturally) and bit by bit, of course, this takes its toll on our bodies! Not to mention some additional gentle depressive effects on previously positive minds…

Almost all of us living in Ibiza have, at some stage, been fabulous party people. It’s great to be able to celebrate life and enjoy the spirit of Ibiza and the freedom to dance on the sand to amazing music all night and all day. But it’s also important to do a bit of a reality check throughout the summer. When you live and work on the white isle, keeping up the peak season momentum takes the creation of some positive habits to support our internal eco-system.

So what are your patterns of party behaviour? Dare to be honest with yourself and notice how many drinks flow your way (and through you!). Just like counting the calories (and remember bikini-godesses all, there are 24 spoons of sugar in one bottle of wine!) healthier choices are also much better for keeping the extra inches at bay. That means….

• Balancing the wine with water
• Sipping consciously (rather than glugging back glass after glass)
• Paying a bit more for a wine you adore, that you can savor, moment by moment
• Enjoying the bubbles of one glass of Cava then switching to sparkling water
• Choosing ‘virgins’ (cocktails that is) on alternate nights out – to trick the mind and enjoy the same positive effects
• Getting a nap in before a night out, or a good long siesta, so that when the fun begins you are well rested and can rely on natural energy highs rather than other stimulants and faux-energy sources

Just like moderating the chocolate in your life, being eco-friendly with yourself and your whole being means you will be able to surf the frenetic summer days prepared and properly hydrated. You will feel sufficient energy to manage living and working in the heat, plus your kidneys and liver (the main organs for detoxification) need water and rest to be able to function optimally. Yes, we definitely want them on our side!

So kick off this Easter weekend with bounce in your stride, kick-start positive habits that recognise the naughtier parts of your nature and balance them with wiser, healthier ‘eco-body-friendly’ side. Happy Easter!