Alex Zoehling, private yoga instructor

Alexandra Zoehling didn’t originally see herself as the ‘yoga type’ while she was living in Los Angeles and working as a successful hairdresser. Then a life change prompted her to relocate to Ibiza, where she decided it was time to finally give yoga a try – now she practices Ashtanga daily and is a professional private Ibiza yoga instructor!

What made you first come to Ibiza?
It’s a long story! I was living in LA for 11 years and I needed a change. I went back to Austria for a year but didn’t feel comfortable, so I was seeking the sun and the sea… I found an ad for a hairdressing job in Ibiza on the internet, I applied and I got it!

When did you first become interested in yoga?
In LA one of my hair clients was the famous yoga guru Shiva Rea. She always invited me to her studio, but I wasn’t interested – I was on the fast track, running, spinning, kickboxing, all kinds of crazy things. It took a change in my life to make me open my mind to it.

So when did you first start practicing?
When I moved to Ibiza, a lot of things had happened in my life, I was going through a tough time and I felt like I needed grounding. I was out of balance. I went with a friend to Hot Yoga Ibiza in 2008 after receiving a flyer and I fell in love, with the studio, with my teacher… and then I did it every day for a few years.

So how did you get into teaching?
Well, yoga is a passion and a hobby, but I wanted to go deeper into my practice, which is why I decided to go to India and do teacher training in Goa. It was the best experience of my whole life, with amazing people, great teachers… I mean, it was hard, I felt like I’d been hit by a train every day and it was very emotional and intense but in the end, I didn’t even want to come home!

Tell us about your practice/teaching in Ibiza…
I teach Ashtanga style, but I adapt the sequence to suit my clients, their body types and levels of experience. I love teaching beginners, as you get to learn again as you are in the flow with them, it’s really nice. Often I get booked to do hair and yoga, which is a bit of a trip, as you have to switch your mind from the fashion and trend thoughts to the ‘om’! But I like it a lot.

What’s your self-practice like?
I try to practice every day, generally at home on my terrace or in my living room in the mornings. When you train with someone else, their energy can help you more, but when you’re on your own it’s more of a challenge too.

What is it about the island that attracts so many people in the wellness community, for yoga and retreats?
Definitely the energy of the island and its hippy culture. Everyone is on their own journey…

Contact details:

Alex Zoehling
T: +34 617 244 820