Rolling with it: Laura Boland, Glam Ibiza


While the thought of needles tends to make many people squeamish or nervous, in the case of the Contour Roller – the standout treatment within the impressive array of medical grade facials offered by Ibiza beauty expert Laura Boland of Glam Ibiza – the reality is that these little needles actually have a devoted fan club!

So just what is a Contour Roller? It’s a high-tech facial treatment delivered via a special tool fitted with 540 tiny needles, for a ‘micro-needling’ technique to re-teach your body’s collagen and elastin production, resulting in younger looking (hurrah!), healthy, plump and glowing skin.

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Who is it for? A Contour Roller treatment can work wonders on all ages and all skin types, from those simply looking to brighten up their complexions and prevent ageing, to those with more serious skin concerns such as scars, enlarged pores, lines, wrinkles, sun damage and hyper pigmentation. “It’s a fantastic alternative to harsh chemical peels, powerful lasers and invasive, expensive surgeries,” says Laura, who provides a mobile service, bringing the contour roller to your home in Ibiza. “It’s a lot more suited to warm climates like Ibiza as it won’t affect the protection and defense of your skin.”

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How exactly does it work? Based on the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture, and combined with the latest technology, Contour Roller treatments vary between needles of 0.5mm to a deeper 1.5mm, depending on your skin concerns. The Contour Roller itself creates thousands of teensy tiny pricks in the skin’s dermal layer, which heal almost instantly thanks to your skin’s amazing ability to self-heal, but not before allowing the treatment products to penetrate the skin completely. The self-healing process stimulates collagen fibres to plump and smooth the skin instantly, offering anti-ageing benefits and improving skin’s elasticity. Think of it like mini- acupuncture for the skin.

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When will you see results? The good news is, you will see results immediately after your first treatment. The even better news is your skin will continue to improve over the next 30 days as your cells renew. “I’m a very practical, science-based therapist,” says Laura. “When I do a treatment on a clients, I like to see them walking out with improved skin… seeing their skin improve is what drives me!” Drawing on her exceptional knowledge and understanding of how skin works, Laura creates comprehensive treatment plans for each client, with around six to eight weeks between each Contour Roller treatment.

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And the big one… Will it hurt? “It shouldn’t hurt at all,” says Laura, who has been highly trained in the medical grade procedure. Your skin will be cleaned and applied with a numbing cream before you leave, to sooth any redness or irritations (this can occur for up to 24 hours). Your lovely skin doctor Laura also provides you with an after care pack to ensure your utmost comfort, hygiene and safety – and remember, you can’t imitate this treatment yourself – only professional, trained therapists like Laura can administer the Contour Roller.

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