Ibiza life coach: Connect with your calm

Do you often feel like life is speeding up? Are you aware of how your mind drives your experience? Faster and faster if we let it! Or do you only realise this once you are rushing, your mind full of thoughts that you ‘have to get it done’ or ‘make it there on time’ or ‘quickly respond to these emails’?

As the Ibiza sunshine begins to warm our souls, the lighter days also mean lighter energy waves, so to stay in your flow, make the time now to meditate and ensure you stay cool and calm when peak summer madness descends.

Scientifically proven to promote longevity, boost wellbeing and dissipate stress, meditation is your trip within, where calm, peace and power lies. Meditation enables us to become more present, in our body and connected to our ‘truth’ so we can be still amidst turbulent times and resist pressures to conform or react to what others may expect of us.

A spiritual trip with many roads to take, meditation is not just about sitting still! It is about finding your personal best way to calm and still the monkey mind so that you can experience the bliss of ‘head space’. And when that ‘head space’ happens, things can get really interesting. Your inner voice, intuition or inner guide has a change to speak!

New perspectives, bright ideas, ah-ha! life learnings, spontaneous realisations… all these and more may be in store for you as you decide to journey within.

You may have heard of the famous meditation guru, Osho, who was based in Pune, India and for a time in Oregon, USA. His meditation techniques recognised the fast-pace of modern living and include shaking and freestyle dancing (Kundalini meditation), jumping up and down (dynamic meditation) and the Quantum light breathe amongst many.  The movement is brilliant for getting you out of your head and into your body.

Yoga asanas are also a superb form of this, opening, stretching and releasing the body so you are physically as well as mentally prepared for meditation. Other guides may use visualisations to give the mind something to catch hold of, to distract the conscious chatter so you can relax at a deeper level and just let go.

Whilst meditation can be experienced wonderfully within the energy of a group, you can also simply meditate alone at home. Just give it a go – even for five minutes! All you really need is yourself and a quiet space, clean and clear of clutter which is both distracting and an unconscious anchor to old memories.

Light a candle, ensure you are warm, sit comfortably on a mat or cushion so your spine is erect, your shoulders relaxed and your chin relaxed gently in. Allow yourself to begin to breathe, watch and observe and listen to your breath; from here allow your gaze to focus on the candle.

Look at the light and notice your thoughts and your mind when it tries to distract you. You don’t need to do anything… just observe them, as if they are clouds in the sky. Don’t attach to the emotions and feelings, just be and witness and see.

Add soft music if you wish… go with your flow… and allow your mind to be…

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