Ibiza life coach: Rockovery

Summer is here – the beginning of Ibiza’s hottest time of year when millions of visitors arrive to let their hair down and go wild. And, ever-increasingly, life-explorers from all over the world are also coming to consciously rebalance and explore Ibiza’s wilder, untamed ‘be-who-you-are-by-just-being’ side.

Interesting fact: Ibiza is a ‘Scorpio island’ (actually, a triple Scorpio astrologically speaking) which means she is capricious, volatile and like a magnifying glass for your experiences, feelings and emotions.

Amplified by the high level of quartz crystal here and the strong ley lines (which cross at their nexus point over Es Vedra), you never know what to expect in Ibiza! Anything is possible and anything can happen, which is exciting, inviting and also (for the adrenal glands) at times exhausting and/or overpowering.

So on this island where the go-with-the-flow mentality underscores a softer, more fluid and spontaneous lifestyle, it seems there is an art and a science of self-management to enjoy the island all summer long. You need to be able to step out of the scene and the whirlwinds of energy that can whip even the calmest kitten into a crazy cat.

But HOW exactly? It’s all about Yin and Yang. Here are our top five tips to keep the Ibiza burnout at bay.

1. Stay out of the full heat of the sun and the mid-season high-action vibrations. This may sound obvious, but too much sun can really burn us out. Feeling the heat of too many parties? Listen to your body and stay in for a while. Recharge your batteries. Sometimes we just need to be reminded! Make a commitment to your healthier-happier-self to stay in and off alcohol every other night. One night out is ideal to help your own energy regenerate. Our home is our temple for rejuvenating ourselves – or your home-away-from-home hotel, villa, finca or B&B.

2. Follow the cycles of the moon. The sun is the male energy (yang) and the moon is the female (yin). Male energy is all about action and pushing it out there, while the female is about softening and receiving. Here in Ibiza, the Ibicenco farmers have planted their crops according to the lunar cycles. Many residents living here openly share the way that they are feeling as the moon shifts us physically and emotionally. It makes sense – our bodies are 75 percent water, so we also get affected by the gravitational pull of the tides. So use that incremental energy of the waxing moon to make things happen, then let go, enjoy and be, pamper yourself after the full moon and relax more quietly.

3. Ensure you stop at some stage during the heat of the day and switch off the phone, the iPhone, the iPad – everything that ‘plugs you in’ (yes, even Facebook please!). Give your mind time OFF for at least half an hour even in peak season and you will feel refreshed, clearer and far more effective when you return to your clients, the family, the parties, the friends. Even if you can’t take a siesta read something positive, relaxing, that helps your mind unwind.

4. Take time to swim as much as you can. Salt water is nature’s most magical rebalancing agent that cleans up all negative energies that may have been hanging around plus releases the puffiness and water retention that too much excess causes!

5. Receive massages, reflexology and energy balancing therapies. Check out ROCKOVERY at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, where Ibiza Retreats are hosting sunset yoga sessions plus world-class treatments and therapies to help you purify and re-energise, without any judgment for the excess enjoyment (or excesses enjoyed) of the night before!

Most of us Ibiza lovers aren’t getting any younger… although we are getting wiser – this is the Yin of it all, we just need to listen within to our body’s and our physical feelings, rather than to be cajoled because of ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out).

Do what feels good! Contact larah@ibizaretreats.com for tailor-made post-party purification in your own villa or at the wonderful, new for 2012 Rockovery.