Ibiza life coaching: Facebook moderation by Mother Nature


Photography by Ana Lui for Girl Friday

Do you find yourself occasionally spending more time on Facebook than you do face-to-face with friends and loved ones? Would your iPhone be your number one must-have if you were dropped onto a desert island? So you can feel you are still in touch with the rest of humanity? How often do you disconnect completely – unplug from the online culture and allow yourself to just ‘be’? 

Whilst highly practical when used efficiently, the ‘always online’ culture is compulsively addictive. Feeling needed, wanted, connected or turned on by the sense of being valued actually numbs our senses through over-stimulation. What begins as a fun and feel-good habit, when used to excess, can create a stimulation dependency – one that depletes our energy, drains our inspiration and requires a strong, multi-sensory intervention to help us to relax and let go properly!

The best antidote is total immersion in Mother Nature…

Mother Nature is the best medicine for swift and sure relaxation and our greatest reminder that we are always connected, giving us an underlying sense of security and harmony. Science has proven that immersing ourselves in the green hues of the countryside, the space, the peace, the birdsong or the quiet is the best free antidote to stress and tension, all of which is accompanied and enhanced by the oxygenated influence of plants and trees.

The colour green relaxes the mind, and when the mind relaxes, the body relaxes too. Our reactive impulses are no longer triggered and our ‘must respond now’ patterns are interrupted, thus allowing our nervous systems to rest and recuperate.

Relaxation – high QUALITY relaxation – can be most easily achieved when the visual stimulus is relaxing and when all six senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and our intuitive sixth sense of emotive feeling) are gently and deliciously massaged by blue-skies, blossoms or waves lapping at the shore. Multi-sensorial distractions enable a retreat, a diversion from that plugged-in-always-on existence, helping you to rebalance your left and right brain, to detox your mental clutter and to turn more quickly and easily to our natural state of wellbeing, of relaxation and harmony…

Here in Ibiza we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by the amazing turquoise-blue Mediterranean Sea. Just looking at this colour opens your cosmic-heart chakra, the sound of the waves lapping is a natural ‘entrancement’ that reminds us of being in the womb – all of which help you come back to yourself, to feel who you really, physically are, to allow your soul to breathe again.

Even – and especially – when the summer season is at full tilt, make sure you make a nature date at least once a week.

  • Make it a priority, and allocate it a colour like turquoise, blue or green in your diary so it feels compelling to look at and look forward to
  • Advise others who you feel have expectations of you that you have a commitment/important appointment on that day so you can relieve any feelings of responsibility or invitations you feel you ‘have to’ honour
  • Choose a different place each time so you can also add an element of adventure, of newness to each experience – even if it means choosing different parts of the rocks at Benirras!
  • Switch off your phone and ensure it is completely turned off – give yourself a minimum of three hours and as you expand your comfort zone, stretch this into a whole day when you are ready
  • Enjoy coming BACK to Facebook (and of course, work, responsibilities and the rest!) with fresh, new and inspiring contributions!

Just as the sea connects with the horizon and the cliffs effortlessly melt into the sea: the same happens for us when we surround ourselves with water, which reminds us of life’s natural flow… And just as the waves lapping the shore and the salt in the water flush away negative energy; so the blue skies and space that we see as we look out towards the horizon widen up our vision, do the same for our perspective and help us open our hearts to more natural connections…   so that we can truly let go and ‘just be’.

Ibiza is an island that helps us to remember this…  which helps us feel calmer about leaving our Blackberry or iPhone alone, to feel better about embracing ‘less = more’ attitudes – the ultimate antidote to help you live life in the moment.

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