Meet the team: 38 Degrees North


Get to know the faces behind 38 Degrees North – a crack team of health professionals ranging from personal trainers, yoga instructors and nutritionists to holistic therapists, who run retreats and classes in Ibiza in the summer and Cornwall in the winter.

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38 Degrees North co-founder Kelly Morgan relocated to Ibiza four years ago, setting up the company after swapping a stressful career in London for a healthy, island life. “The idea was to provide the time, space and experiences for people to reset their coordinates,” she says, and there’s no better person to train and advise clients escaping their busy lives than this qualified fitness trainer who has first hand experience of juggling the city life/work balance herself.

Kelly says the toughest part of her job is managing the team’s schedules, so that clients can get the attention they deserve exactly when they need it, but that the reward is the look on their faces at the end of a week.

“Their wrinkles have melted away and there’s a shine to the eyes that is just magical. I love when our clients say to us that we’ve reset their coordinates – it means we completed our mission and they totally got our brand.”




James Davis, co-founder of 38 Degrees North agrees with Kelly when he says managing schedules is the most difficult part of his job. “We’re all so busy,” he says – a sign of the brand’s success!

The British-born qualified fitness trainer and stand-up paddleboard instructor says he’s always had a passion for adventures, and making the move to Ibiza with Kelly to develop the brand and share their passion for health and fitness is just one of many.

“I love meeting new people on the job, and seeing them happy with the results they get with us,” he says, citing the full moon paddleboard sessions as the most uplifting experience on the job.






Faye Lovell Maloney began her journey to becoming a personal trainer starting as a dancer and then by practicing kickboxing, spending 10 years training and competing at an athletic level, where she was twice named champion for the British team.

She has been a personal trainer since 2005 and made the leap to the Balearics in 2010, hooking up with the 38 Degrees North team three years ago. “I’ve never looked back,” she says. “I feel really fortunate to work for such a positive and professional team.”

Finding gratification in watching her efforts transform someone into a person who believes in themselves and their own abilities, Faye believes her job has a much greater effect than simply helping someone become physically fit.

“If I can help them someone to be healthier, it can often completely transform their self image too.”




Ayda Ellis, founder of YogiYuni first encountered the 38 Degrees North team as a client of their successful gym in Revival Wellness Club, and three years ago began to work closely with the brand on yoga and fitness retreats.

“Kelly and James have their hearts in the right place and the way we all work together is lead by there professional way of thinking – we work very closely to fine tune and invent new Body Mind Soul concepts together.”

The Italian and Turkish Tantric and Hatha yoga teacher is inspired by Anusara yoga and has over 14 years experience, and has lived in Ibiza for the past three and a half years.

“My favourite goal is to show, in a very efficient and quick way, the power of yoga. The possibilities to heal several patterns, actions, beliefs and your body, heart and mind with these fantastic yoga keys. Every retreat yogi, every class yogi, every private yogi has normally just a few hours with me and I try to create magic with them in every session  – the time frame is the biggest challenge!”


38-degrees-anne-marie1-2014A Pilates practitioner with 26 years of experience and colonic hydro therapist for the past eight years, British-Canadian Anne Marie Petash has lived in Ibiza for the past three years.

“Walking into the stunning Aguas de Ibiza, mesmerised by all the beautiful water features and the immediate sensation of tranquility, then seeing the beautiful, super healthy looking couple Kelly and James every day is unforgettable and real for me,” she says.

“I absolutely love teaching my mat classes, we have fun and get people to loosen up and move their spines and lubricate the joints every which way possible. People often say they grow, which for me is the best and means I am doing exactly what I am meant to.”

“It is incredibly rewarding when you see the positive shift in people – working together as a team with all of our different insights makes the perfect packages for our clients to do this.”


38-degrees-abigail1-2014“I love seeing people smile in life,” says 38 Degrees North resident doctor of chiropractic Dr Abigail Woodward.

Also a qualified nurse and yoga teacher, she has spent over 20 years working with people from all walks of life, and relocated to Ibiza over three years ago – coincidentally at the same time as founders Kelly and James.

“We met a few months into our new island lives,” she says. “We just hit it off, loved what each other was doing and have built a loving, respectful, personal and professional relationship since then.”

Focusing on network spinal analysis (NSA), she has seen many people flourish with her treatments, finding themselves free to be their best selves and lighting up afterwards. “Long may it last,” she adds.



38-degrees-angela1-2014British nutritionist Angela Walker moved to Ibiza 18 months ago, and met Kelly and James through mutual friends, just as she was looking for an integrated team to work with on the island.

“In the past I’d worked in a private practice before, and also with a juice fasting company in the UK, Asia and Europe, but I soon realised I could achieve the best results for my clients if I collaborated with experts in other areas of health, wellness and performance.”

Fascinated by the individual, personalised aspects to nutrition – how one way of eating can suit one person but not another – she began to explore functional medicine, provided training and support to other nutritionists and doctors in the UK.

“I joined the Optimum Health Clinic, which specialises in Chronic Fatigue / ME in 2011, we support patients on the psychological and well as physiological (nutritional) side of the condition, although based in London, the clinic works remotely with clients across the world, which gave me the flexibility to move to Ibiza.” Keeping it simple, and do-able is her biggest challenge. “I want to inspire people to love the food they eat and the way it makes them feel.”

Certified by the renowned British Wheel of Yoga, French yoga instructor Arlette Amouyan lived in Ibiza “on and off” for four years, before deciding to make a more permanent move 12 months ago. “I started yoga after moving to London 15 years ago,” she says. “After years of dance practice, I was looking for something else, and yoga seemed like the right route – and I’ve never looked back.”

Having explored many styles of yoga, and undergone teacher training in both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, she loves sharing a discipline she has so much faith in – yet is unknown to so many people – with others. “Opening bodies and minds in areas they haven’t explored and help looking in the right places is a challenge,” she says. “But I love watching students coming week after week, following their incredible progress. And teaching some complete beginners in retreats and witnessing the changes with all offered to them through the week.”

The team’s holistic therapist Faye Reason moved from England to Ibiza four years ago. “From an early age I was able to feel ‘energy’ and emotions in others,” she says. “Reading the body is something that is natural to me, but I have studied esotericism since 2006 to strengthen my understanding of how ‘it all works’.”

Faye started practicing Reiki in 2003 and developed her energy work through practice with shamanic teachers and indigenous tribes throughout the world; learning from their ancient knowledge of healing and how to work with the rhythms of nature. “I have to try not to get emotionally attached to my clients and take on their energy and pains,” she says. “It can be difficult to detach and not let my own wishes for their healing become part of the process. It’s important to remember we are all responsible for our own journey and our individual wellness.”