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Meet the team – Pure Seven

Behind every impressive brand is a great team, and Pure Seven is no exception…

The all-new Pure Seven spa at five-star luxury resort 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza is a truly extraordinary wellness centre overlooking the mythical rock of Es Vedra. Offering an array of cutting-edge treatments and therapies, fitness, wellness and yoga activities plus plenty of relaxation, it is open all year round and welcomes hotel guests and external visitors alike. Behind every impressive brand is a great team, and Pure Seven is no exception. The spa boasts a tight-knit team of wellness professionals who have been hand-picked for their unique energy, personality and of course, skills. Meet some of the core team members and learn more about their journeys to Ibiza and Pure Seven below…


Born in Valencia, Lucía always felt a connection with her Balearic island neighbours, but spent more than 20 years honing her exceptional skills in spas and wellness centres around the globe before she felt the call to move here permanently. A pioneer in the Spanish wellness industry in Spain, Lucía was originally involved in the development of spa products at the time when five-star hotel complexes had only just begun introducing wellness services, followed by years spent training therapists to the highest possible standards and opening luxury spas around the world. Today, she is at the helm of Pure Seven, where her passion for wellness is matched by a truly stunning location and five-star facilities. In addition to creating the impressive spa menu and hand-picking the entire team, she is also responsible for the implementation of a wellness philosophy throughout the hotel – from the 100-percent organic amenities and products used throughout to custom designed retreat menus based around detoxing, weight loss or fitness to ensuring every last detail is perfect – from the volume of the music to the level of lighting and the scent of candles to the textures of fabrics used, she strives for perfection each and every day. “I’m so lucky my profession is my passion,” she says.


“I am in love with the energy of human beings,” says highly experienced therapist Noemí with passion, when asked what led her down the wellness path. As a little girl she would practice massage on her grandma’s tired feet, and on discovering she had the ability to help reduce pain, she began to explore more healing options. A former dancer, her knowledge and awareness of anatomy assists in her treatments – which range from Thai massage and traditional Ayurvedic treatments to chiropractic, sports massage and myofascial techniques. She honed her skills at the most respected school in Madrid for many years, before the travel bug took her to Chang Mai, where she studied Thai massage from the masters in 2011, immersing herself in local life and culture. She describes her style as a therapist as ‘working on layers’, preferring to treat each client as a whole rather than addressing singular concerns, “I have a conversation with your body and I follow the flow to heal it. The most important thing is to be present, to feel and see what is happening on the massage bed or mat, and to make the client feel happy.”


Growing up in Zaragoza, Raul began playing sports because his father loved football, but a natural aptitude saw him go on to study physical education followed by personal training. His desire to work with an open-minded, cosmopolitan clientele hailing from all over the globe led him to Ibiza, where he could put his advanced skills and cutting-edge training techniques to best use. His extensive experience means within just one session with a client, he can see exactly what kind of workouts and training techniques they can benefit from. “I love to help people,” he says. “I really appreciate the opportunity to make changes in people’s lives. It’s a beautiful thing.” Keeping people motivated is his biggest challenge and he admits that sometimes his job feels like part trainer, part psychologist… but he wouldn’t have it any other way. His own wellness ethos is to live life in the healthiest way possible, with a balance of good nutrition, exercise and rest but to also allow yourself to enjoy yourself. With Pilates, TRX, kettle bells, functional training, HIIT sessions, weights and machines – not to mention the stunning great outdoors at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza – at his disposal, workouts with Raul are varied, fun and inspiring.


With her warm and gentle manner, gorgeous glowing complexion and softly spoken style, meeting Sara is almost like falling under her spell. Her honesty with clients allows them to discover the treatments, therapies and products they truly need, while her calm yet considered teaching style helps all students, no matter what level, go deeper into their yoga practice. Hailing from the north of Spain, just outside of Pamplona, she first felt the call to Ibiza 15 years ago but didn’t think of it again until this year when she was looking for a change of pace. Trusting her intuition, she returned to the white isle where things fell into place at Pure Seven – a place where she can take care of the needs of all clients in addition to hosting twice daily hatha yoga classes. “I always say yoga is about strength, stretch and balance,” she says. “Not only in the body but also in the mind and soul. The union of these three things is yoga.” Teaching allows her to go deep into her own practice too, where she is constantly learning. “It’s not about running,” she concedes wisely. “Why would you run if you don’t know how to walk? First, learn how to walk… but step by step.”


With over two decades of experience in the fitness industry, it was a stroke of luck that brought Marian to Ibiza from her home in Barcelona. She originally came to the island to work in a local Pilates studio for one month, and after falling in love with the island she knew she had to make it her home. A true all-rounder when it comes to the body, Marian – who first honed her craft in gyms, followed by studying yoga, Pilates and physiotherapy – loves to mix things up with her clients, with fitness classes, personal training sessions, yoga and massage. “Every day shouldn’t be the same,” she says. “I like to promote a healthy balance.” She loves the challenge of teaching new clients every day in a resort environment and is passionate about perfection when it comes to technique, be it in her sports-based massages, precision yoga classes or fitness classes. She sees running as her own form of personal meditation time and also enjoys hosting silent nature walks, where clients can simply reflect and observe the stunning environment around them. “We all have our own ways to disconnect,” she says. “I like to help people see that being active can actually be a form of relaxation.”

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