Ibiza yoga blog: The most powerful Christmas gift

After speaking with friends, family, Ibiza yoga clients and acquaintances, it seems we can all agree that 2012 has been a tough year! We have all felt the pinch whether it’s financially, mentally, physically or emotionally.

And with the season of goodwill in our midst, and as thoughts of gifts for friends and loved ones comes to mind… we are all tempted to buy ourselves that little personal Christmas pressie-slash-end to a tough 2012 ‘pick me up’ gift while shopping for our loved ones.

Maybe it’s that gorgeous handbag or that sparkly pair of shoes we have been coveting for MONTHS. Maybe it’s a DVD box set of your our favourite TV series. Or maybe it’s a new gadget, gizmo or piece of technology… Whatever it is, it’s that instant gratification fix which feels soooo good at the time, and then, let’s face it, pretty quickly that slump returns and we find ourselves coveting the next glittery item…

So how about mixing things up a bit this year? Shaking up that old formula? This is, after all, an end to an auspicious year and if the powers that be are to be believed, we should all be moving with greater personal awareness and consciousness. So as well as the usual advice – you know, eat less, drink less, and generally take care of those coughs and colds with plenty of vitamin C, that old chestnut – how about the gift of sustained health, relaxation and wellbeing? Priceless yes, but in reality it costs very little… and this can all be achieved through yoga and meditation. Yes, really!

Whether you are starting yoga or picking it back up again after a short (or longer) leave of absence, how about buying yourself a yoga class pass at a local studio? Do your research and choose a studio with teachers you feel a connection with. Try a few classes – many studios offer a trial class free.

Supplement your yoga with a meditation practice – you can find a plethora online and if you don’t know where to start, try Deepak Chopra and his guided meditations library. These are very accessible and you can always find a meditation with a focus that resonates with you here.

If you need to keep a firm hold on those purse strings, then you don’t actually need a studio at all. A yoga self-practice can be one of the most gratifying things in the world, and super empowering too. There is no end to the sequences and classes you can find online here.

Peace and goodwill to all. Namaste…