Ibiza yoga blog: Unwinding tension from the inside


One of the main reasons the people begin an Ibiza yoga practice is in order to make some serious changes to their bodies and also their state of mind. They feel stresses and strains and burn-outs and huge amounts of anxiety.

Alas, as is the typical human condition, when we don’t see changes IMMEDIATELY, we give up, go on to the next thing and it’s a perpetual cycle. So how do we stay focused and motivate ourselves to continue to CULTIVATE?

Here are some things to consider…

* However many years YOUNG you are – that’s how many years of tension you need to unwind. It ain’t gonna happen overnight! Yoga is about a cultivation – it’s a practice and it requires commitment. The incredible news is that very little can yield huge results – so STAY WITH IT.

* People think yoga is not for them because they are not flexible. It doesn’t matter! You cannot be good at yoga. Yoga is a state of mind, it’s a breath practice and not a competition to get your legs wrapped around your armpits. More incredible news is that yoga allows you to let go of those feelings of ‘not being good enough’ – that we all struggle with. Happiness is not found at the end of an advanced asana – believe me – I’ve tried. After the initial moment, the same patterns remain and the feelings return. Happiness is about being present in the moment of yoga. Of feeling a tension release in the body because you are so in your body, you can actually feel it melt away. You can somatically experience the feeling of being truly alive when you are not goverened by the fears of your past nor the apprehensions of your future. There is true peace and happiness in the present. Yet many of us have not yet cultaivated the ability to be here… YET.

* Start small. Dream big… recognise how you feel when you come to the yoga mat. The yoga mat is a true reflection of life. If you feels scattered, your practice will be scattered until you come back to your body. And when you find that moment of peace (and these moments will get longer every time!), try to imagine how life would be if you could take this sensation of grounded-ness, peace and consciousness with you away from the mat into life. I will share something with you… without my practice – even if it’s just 5 minutes every morning, I feel lost! The day is more difficult. It’s almost like taking a shower and it has become such a positive thing in my life!

So whatever your practice, whatever you feel you want to change, you can do it. Stay with it and unwind that body to unwind that mind!