The healing power of Agua-Fitness


Photography by Ana Lui

Would you like to get fit yet feel concerned about a painful injury such as chronic back pain? Are you pregnant or post-pregnancy, wanting to ease into exercise yet feeling tender and concerned about your condition? Do you want to lose weight, yet don’t really enjoy the gym or traditional fitness classes?

Agua-Gym and Agua-Aerobics (and no, that’s not a typo, here in Ibiza we use the Spanish term for water) are suitable for all ages and all body types, completely free from pressure on your body and mind to perform, thus making them low-impact, enjoyable ways to improve your fitness, stamina and strength.

Led by an experienced teacher, classes take place in the pool without the often-intimidating mirror of fitness classes that reflects your every move and can be the cause of self-consciousness. This means all you have to focus on is participating in the class, which is motivational and entertaining, incorporating music and floating props.

This style of exercise is also incredibly therapeutic. At the five-star Aguas de Ibiza Bodyna Spa in Santa Eulalia, Agua Fitness classes feature a therapeutic emphasis, balancing 20 minutes of cardio with stretching and toning, incorporating Pilates and yoga postures for an all-round workout with a deeply calming and relaxing effect.

Why so relaxing? Isn’t it supposed to be a workout? Being submersed in water reminds us (on a cellular level) of being back in the womb and therefore has a subtle rebalancing effect on both body and mind. Afterwards stretch out on the ‘bubble baths’ in the adjacent pool – a circuit of jets and spas designed to relax your muscles completely.

For those recovering from accidents or in rehabilitation from operations, Agua-Fitness is a fabulous way to get back in touch with your body, to practice movements with the support of the water, slowly and safely, building your mental and emotional confidence along with your physical strength.

It is also ideal for new mums too, enhancing flexibility in the spine, increasing stamina and fitness gently while the water offers extra resistance to ensure muscles get a full workout too! The bonus? Being in the water hides those parts of your body you feel less-than-confident about so you can go with your Agua-flow and feel as good as you deserve too – in body and mind with a soothing relaxation for the soul.

To register your interest and receive details of the Agua-Fitness classes at Aguas de Ibiza please contact Katja on +34 647 231 583 or email