The art of balancing your lifestyle

Ibiza Retreats - health and wellness in Ibiza

Photography by Barbara di Giancinto

As the summer slowly morphs into autumn, the change of season naturally provokes questions within ourselves – particularly after the heady heights of an exciting Ibiza summertime – such as what lies for you beyond the closings? Now it’s all coming to an close are you considering nutritional and physical cleansing and even… moderation?

Thanks to the natural process of aging, our bodies remind us, through hangovers and exhaustion, that we do in fact, need to process and expel the toxins we’ve consumed. The more we have to expel, the more our organs (although they’re pretty good at recycling!) need extra love, support and understanding…

This week we begin with a new series of lifestyle balancing blogs
to offer you tools to help teach yourself new and sustainable ways to feel good, naturally…. beginning with nutrition.

It’s very easy to forget our bodies and minds are like motor vehicles and regularly do need services and check-ups. The quality of the fuel we ingest (and hopefully digest) vastly improves the quality of our journey. It is a widely known fact that fast foods plus high fat and sugar diets cause havoc with our internal digestion expressways. Excess sodium and sugar blocks our organs and inhibits our body’s ability to recycle waste and self-maintain.

We are, naturally, designed to be ‘well beings’, yet when we stop listening to our bodies (and become conditioned by copious amounts of advertising that results in more red bull and coke zero populating our fridges than healthy juices, fruits and veggies – oh come on, it’s ok to admit it to us!), our physical selves and also our minds become under-nourished and over-stimulated. Regular doses of caffeine may give us those, often, necessary-in-summertime-to-keep-going kicks, but ultimately they layer on even more stimulants that leave us feeling stressed out, anxious or tense.

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein, well-washed fruits (best consumed in the morning rather than after meals when they may ferment on top of what you have already eaten) and vegetables, plenty of leafy greens (bring on the spinach and broccoli!) plus whole grain cereals and carbohydrates rather than refined and bleached flours is an easy way to feel a multitude of benefits including:

* More energy, less exhaustion
* Clear-head
* Sustainable energy (rather than peaks and troughs)
* Slimmer waistline (and less bloating and water retention)
* Greater sensitivity to tastes (as too much sugar and salt dulls our taste buds)
* Clear complexions and bright eyes
* Strong, healthy hair and nails
* Improved libido
* Calmer mind, plus happier, smoother moods

All of course, combined with several litres of mineral water each day to flush your system and keep you looking and feeling younger for longer!

But – and there’s always a but – perhaps you feel too busy right now to do anything different? That opting for the easy convenience foods is just something you need to do right now? That to shift to more healthy habits, it’s got to be easy or you just wouldn’t even try – right?

In cities around the world health food shops and delis are blossoming. Here in Ibiza there are several amazing places that make the smart options convenient and in fact, even more tempting! Two of our favourite places are so unbelievably delicious, nutritious and easy to enjoy that you can make positive shifts to bring your nutrition into balance simply by drinking their juices and eating their salads.

La Paloma in San Llorenzo offers the best smoothies and salads in the centre of the island while Passion Cafe offers delicious healthy treats (made with plenty of love) just opposite Space in the heart of Playa D’en Bossa. All you need to do is start by drinking several juices in the morning and two healthy lunches per week. It’s perfectly affordable and a fabulously easy way to restore a sense of balance to your mind, body and yes, even the soul!

And for those who want to make a deeper shift, and are committed to changing their consumption habits for the better, and kick starting a healthy lifestyle, ascend to the stunning mountaintop, Buddha House to undertake a detox or facilitated fast, with panoramic views, daily yoga, massage, reflexology, walks, kneippism and more, all as part of a leading edge program with doctoral approved fasting guide and psychologist Ilona Pantel.

When you are away on retreat, you’re also away from the distractions and pressures that often cause the salt and sugar slips to happen. Your body and mind receive a boost and an in-depth cleanse that will bring you back in balance and kick-start ongoing healthy habits.  As you begin to feel the difference your internal desires change. Your body starts to automatically ask you for what it needs. The more you listen, the easier it is to hear.

And by investing in yourself and your health, the wealth (which actually comes from the word wellbeing) will follow… as your bright eyes, clear skin, slimmer figure, sense of calm, clarity, light and positive energy inevitably attract more positive opportunities, people and clients into your life.

Sound easy? By making a few new choices – it is.