Body Rolling – a revolutionary approach to fitness

Would you like to enjoy relief from physical pain and an emotional release, using a clever technique for rolling away everyday stress, anxiety, irritation, or pent-up anger, to keep yourself on a more even keel? Would you like to be able to integrate the benefits of massage into your fitness routines?

Body Rolling (YBR) consists of a series of routines using six to 10 inch balls and is based on ‘body logic’ – the principle that most people suffer pain and restricted movement due to faulty body alignment that results in collapsed posture, muscle tightness and pressure on nerve, and was developed by Yamuna 30 years ago.

A major component of a healthy physiology is the correct alignment of all the bones from the feet up – then of the muscles. Using body logic, Yamuna and subsequent therapists create traction on muscles by using one elbow to put pressure where a muscle begins and the other hand to pull the muscle in the direction of its natural movement. In this way your whole body becomes realigned – and the muscle can take up its full length again decompressing bones, joints and nerves and restoring full function.

Yamuna decided to invent a way in which a ball could act as a practitioner’s hand
s – so the balls become your massage tool. Unlike other ball exercises, YBR goes far beyond random movement and stretch. It allows you to work specific muscles in detail, to create suppleness in tight areas and optimise the range of motion spine and limbs.

YBR re-educates muscles and stimulates bone growth, creating positive, permanent changes in the body, reversing ageing and offering cellular regeneration. The long-term goal is to keep the body sustainable and continue rebuilding a healthy structure, functional, strong and toned with a full range of motion for all parts of the body.

It doesn’t replace any other form of physical fitness, however it complements your cardiovascular workout, helps ensure muscle blockages (from working out too much or overdoing it in the gym) are released so you feel relaxed, revitalised, open, strong and free.

An ideal practise to preserve your posture when pregnant and ward-off lower back-pain and create more abdominal space for the baby to grow in, YBR is also helpful in creating a freer and more flexible pelvis you can enjoy a much more intense and pleasurable sexual response.

Shaki Debin first met Yamuna in Ibiza ten years ago when he introduced this revolutionary approach to health and fitness using balls designed exclusively for the practise. She is now a full-trained practitioner and offers Body Rolling for individuals (sessions last approx 1.5 hours) and group workshops – a great expansion for Pilates and Yoga teachers to offer students. Contact for further information.