Christmas cheer for the mind, body and soul

Magazin Ibiza, Christmas gifts and decorations 2010

Instant cheer: Christmas snow globes from Magazin Ibiza, photgraphed by Gypsy Westwood

As we approach the heady, often-red-wine-fuelled rounds of Christmas time, are you spending it at home, sweet home with family? Heading off to a ski-chalet in snow-tipped peaks? Or perhaps off to warmer foreign climes?

In the run up to Christmas it can be quite delicious to indulge in good cheer. Lifting the spirits and letting the hair down can involve succumbing to the social whirl of parties, rich foods and that extra-glass-or-two each time.

While doing what feels good definitely does warm the heart and relax the mind, sustaining that good feeling requires just a smidgeon of moderation – a few tactical balancing acts to keep your kidneys, liver and other-key organs happy, not to mention your waistline feeling adequately slim-lined!

Ironically, this is also the time of year when the body most wants to rest and hibernate, meaning over-indulgence can accidentally deplete your energy reserves. So this Christmas, here are some key techniques and tips for giving your body enough healthy gifts to begin the New Year feeling fine.

•    Take plenty of ginger, to keep away painful throats and warm you up from within, and to heat up the body to shift pending and current colds. Mother nature’s antiseptic is brilliant when grated or chopped in boiling water, with a squeeze of lemon and a spoonful of honey. Ginger tea or ginger spritzers are also great for helping digestion and to soothe bellyache
•    Bring on the milkthistle, which gives the liver a detox! Pop some drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, best before going to bed and the morning after
•    Alternate alcoholic drinks with water, just like in summertime. The cold air can dry your skin out, so H2O is essential for keeping your body and your skin hydrated
•    Burn mandarin oil or another orange-scented oil to lift your spirits and create a positive mood
•    Treat yourself to some much-needed you-time. Find some peace and quiet, even if it’s as simple as escaping for a hot bubble bath
•    Keep exercising! Take long walks outdoors and breathe in plenty of fresh air and oxygen – yes, even when it is cold!
•    Take a break from challenging relatives and remember to breathe, deeply. Christmas can bring up a lot of old, underlying issues so keep smiling, keep laughing and exhalllllle for a count of three
•    Embrace your hot water bottles! Keeping your kidneys warm boosts your energy like nothing else. These two star organs need plenty of warm attention to keep their function perfect

And don’t forget to simply enjoy the festive season. Treat yourself to lots of quality time with loved ones and friends. After all, how rarely can one really jump off-line with the rest of life, legitimately? Retreat, spread the love with plenty of kisses under the mistletoe, relax and enjoy!

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