Cranio-sacral balancing

Have you ever suffered from an accident or experience that hurt your back? Do you have excessive tension in the shoulders, neck and other parts of your body? Do you ever find yourself reacting – almost painfully – to certain situations and events that seem to trigger off something deeper, that you feel mentally and physically?

It all begins with a pulse deep within…

Cranio-sacral balancing can be integrated with classical massage techniques or given alone to rebalance the cranio-sacral pulse, created by the movement of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Recently acknowledged as a natural, continuous body rhythm, the pulse promotes and maintains life in the body along with breathing and circulatory systems.

With delicate, almost imperceivable yet very precise movements of the fingers and hands working on your skull and spine, cranio-sacral balancing is a highly effective way of releasing imbalances in cranio-sacral system that affect your brain and nervous system. These imbalances affect your body, mind, energy levels, physical freedom and ease of movement plus the vitality of the body and the immune system can be significantly decreased.

For those who have suffered a trauma to the spine, there may be an inner-fear regarding stronger methods of bodywork to help balance and realign. Cranio-sacral massage is extremely gentle, and yet a very specific way to loosen restrictions and tensions in the soft tissue, membranes and bone connections, supporting and enhancing the self healing abilities of the body.

Cranio-sacral massage has been found to be particularly effective in treating headaches, back pain, jaw disfunctions, eye problems, hyperactivity, hyper-tension, scoliosis and other problems stemming from blockages in and around the spine. Rather than giving on-the-spot relief, it works on a subtle and deeper level for benefits that spread throughout the body and energy pathways.

The main focus however is holistic – an overall awareness of the relaxation that results from this therapy, an overall wellbeing that is a healing process literally unwinding stresses and leaving you calmer, stronger, more energised and peaceful. With its soft touch, cranio-sacral balancing is soothing, calming and completely blissful.

We are privileged in Ibiza to have some amazing Cranio-sacral therapists living and working here. Whether you are in the latter stages of recovery from an accident, feel that you have been physically, emotionally or energetically out of balance or even a new mum looking for some respite, give this safe-to-explore therapy a try and experience its many benefits for body, soul and mind.

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