Crystals – energy transforming tools

Do you feel your self-esteem could do with a boost? Do you pick up negative vibes or feel being around certain people, environments or situations, knocks your energy levels off balance, leaving you feeling low, depressed, or just not quite right?

For many thousands of years crystals have been used to heal and bring balance to the body, mind and our subtle energies. Ibiza has an incredibly high level of quartz crystal in the soil – possibly a contributing factor in the special energy it is so famous for.

Crystals heal holistically – working on the physical, mental and spiritual levels of being. They realign subtle energies and dissolve disease at the root of the cause. At our core we are all made of atoms, within which are vibrating particles of energy. At the core of each crystal are also vibrating energy particles, rebalancing the biomagnetic sheath surrounding us, opening up blocked Chakras, the energy points situated from the base of our spine to the top of our head.

Crystals are used today in modern medical practices too. They are piexo electric, which means electricity – and occasionally light – is produced through compresson, harnessed in ultrasound machines to produce a sound wave, which when focused creates a beam of ultrasound that heals wounds deep within the body without surgery and blasts tumours apart.

Healing effects can also be created by crystal healers with wands. And no, we’re not talking Harry Potter style here, rather, the process of turning a wand on the skin to cause compression, in turn releasing a focused beam to heal the organ beneath.

Each crystal has specific properties – for example rose quartz is great for healing matters of the heart, self-love and self-care, amethyst has deep healing qualities and smoky quartz is energy grounding and (for the mobile phone-aholics) great for deferring geopathic or electromagnetic stress. Clear quartz (found all over Ibiza along cliffs and on stony beaches) is ideal for clearing energy – hang one in the doorway, window or in the corner of your room.

Of course crystals can also be worn and the best way to choose your crystal is by allowing your inner-voice and intuition to be your guide. Go for the one you feel drawn to then wear it with pleasure and pride.

Labradorite is a great protector and superb to wear in environments with chaotic energy – like August on the island. Some crystals contain minerals with therapeutic properties – Malachite, for example, has high levels of copper and can be worn in necklaces and bracelets to soothe aching joint and muscles. A powerful detoxifying crystal, it should only be worn externally.

Wonderful when used in combination with massage, crystals support and complement many hands on healing practises and are a beautiful, self-supporting, self-enabling and self-healing tool. Just like any tools however, crystals need to be kept clean – salty water is excellent and it is also suggested to put them out under a full moon.