Detoxing – Purifying Ibiza style

How are you feeling now the festive season has finally drawn to a close? Have you let your hair down, indulged to excess and are now feeling perhaps a little jaded, toxic and under par? When was the last time you properly stopped, recuperated your natural energy and allowed the excess adrenaline to dissipate?

That one final blowout to celebrate the previous year’s achievements and welcome the New Year adds icing to a cake of not-so-good nourishment we have – consciously or unconsciously – subjected our bodies to throughout the year. Alcohol, sugar and fast food (or food eaten too fast) are automatic allies of cumulative stress, lack of exercise and proper rest.

Detoxing is much more than refraining from certain food types and drinking smoothies, juices and herbal teas. While natural remedies certainly help support your system, a proper purification requires taking time out from your daily responsibilities. Engaging completely in a facilitated program brings about truly amazing results.

Benefits include weight loss, clarity of mind, renewed focus, a greater sense of calm and more balanced energy and emotions. Sparkling eyes, clearer skin, shiny hair and an overall feeling of greater wellbeing are welcome side effects.

Here in Ibiza there are two types of purification retreats we highly recommend.

1. Holistic Detoxing
In cosy comfortable surroundings with breathtaking views above San Lorenzo, Holistic Detox Retreats  – led by doctor-approved fasting guide Ilona – combine nutritional expertise, visualisation, guided walks, daily yoga and Thai yoga massage as part of a fully integrated approach to get energy moving and eliminate toxins. The hands-on treatments are included to flush the body’s cells with oxygen, giving your lymphatic and immune systems plus your circulation a massive boost.

Ilona’s skills and experience span psychology, nutrition, visualisation and much more, ensuring your whole body is rejuvenated, mind cleared and spirits lifted to feel lighter, brighter and ready to embrace the rest of the year.

2. 12-day Panchakarma retreats
Led by internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic teacher and renowned healer Komala Lyra, Panchakarma Detox Retreats are held in the beautiful Shunya retreat, immersed in nature in the hills above Benirras beach.

Ayurveda draws on thousands of years of Indian naturopathic medical knowledge and includes specialised massage with medicated oils for each individual client, along with specific exercise, yoga and meditation recommendations plus hot oil applications to specific areas of the body to enable deep and lasting healing.

There are no more than six people per retreat with an Alive Ayurveda team of practitioners supporting the group, including a skilled chef creating a specific Panchakarma menu prepared with fully organic ingredients. Each program is tailored to your unique needs and each individual receives daily sessions following five specific processes intrinsic to detoxification.

Winter is the perfect season to let go and escape into these warm, welcoming environments and surrender to these professional healing hands, for true revitalisation and purification, Ibiza style.

Contact for further information regarding dates, accommodation, prices and the many detailed elements that make each detox experience unique.