Equine therapy – the healing power of horses

Are you looking for a way to really grow your confidence? Would you like to feel more connected with who you really are, live in the moment and experience a greater sense of peace and calm? Do you need to release those fears and doubts that are holding you back so you can live your life to the full?

There are many therapies that can enable us to do this in this day and age yet it can also happen quite naturally just by spending time with our equine friends. Horses connect with us and where we are in that moment – physically, emotionally and energetically – and act like reflectors for what we have going on within.

Powerful creatures that are highly sensitive, horses encourage us to grow our sensory awareness, our emotions and use non-verbal communication. It is all about getting back to basics, knowing and understanding our own body language in order to order to truly to communicate with a horse. When you master this, you can relax and enjoy the ride – being at one with another creature in nature soothes the soul to no end.

Yet it is also the getting on board – having the confidence to groom the horse, interact with it and develop a relationship where you, the smaller being, become the dominant one. This calls on you to open your heart and feel your truth – enhancing your feelings of independence and inner-strengths at a core level and growing your confidence in every area of your life.

Equine therapy has been gaining popularity around the world to help human beings overcome addictions, trauma victims to rediscover their sense of inner peace and self worth and even to helping people on an occupational therapy level to overcome ideas about the limitations of post-cancer living and to expand perceptions about how much you can do with disabilities.

Horses speak (so to speak!) and act from the heart, encouraging us to do the same. They have all the time in the world… and are a wonderful reason to step away from the computer, housework, homework and other responsibilities, taking us into a more natural reality offering a wider perspective about everything.

Relaxing into the rhythm of the different gaits – walk, trot, canter (and even gallop if you can find a great, soft, safe grassy strait) – can feel meditative, focusing the mind through the body in ways that really lift your spirits, even on those darkest days.

Whether you loved watching National Velvet as a child, have encountered ‘The Horse Whisperer’ more recently or simply have experienced a long-lasting love affair with this powerful four legged friend, the healing power of horses is phenomenal and here in Ibiza we are blessed with many opportunities for connecting with and riding them.

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