Healing Ibiza 10.10.10 

Would you like to sample different styles of massage? Have you heard of Reiki energy work or Cranio-sacral balancing but not been quite convinced to experience a full session? Would you like to give yoga, life coaching or meditation a try yet are not sure of who will be the best teacher for you?

Have you had continual back pain, headaches, been fighting anxiety or depression? Are you exhausted or reaching burnout? Or needing focus – perhaps a change of direction? And, especially at the end of the summer, when you have been giving out to many clients (and receiving many happy visitors into your home especially for those living and working in Ibiza) are you taking the time to replenish yourself?

Depending on the benefits you specifically need, finding the right therapists, qualified experts and types of therapies to balance, release stress, help with physical aches and pains, work through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially if you have been, until now, working with predominantly western medicine.

Organised by independent therapists from all over the island, this Sunday 10.10.10 at 10am, the beautiful Agroturismo Atzaro opens its doors for an holistic charity event for the mind, body and soul. Healing Ibiza is a day for all of Ibiza – residents and visitors alike – to come to explore the benefits, to heal the island and replenish energies after an incredibly busy summer season.

Offering taster sessions and experiences with different qualified specialists, offering treatments and classes in different languages, throughout the day there will be a plethora of healing disciplines, techniques and modalities, from Bowen Technique to yoga and reflexology.

The opening ceremony takes place at 10.10am, after which we will share a colourful, magical day full of flavour and fun for all the family; a melting pot of therapeutic offerings, where you can enjoy taster sessions of yoga, reiki, massage, reflexology, crystal healing, life coaching, NLP, EFT, meditation, sound healing and so much more.

Treat your body, nurture your spirit and enjoy delicious nourishment from raw food to sushi, organic seasonal Ibiza delicacies, juices and plenty of pure soul food. A day for inspiration and rejuvenation for the whole family. The event ends at sunset with a beautiful closing meditation.
The motif: Live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way…

10.10.10 has Global significance too – it is the only time this century that these numbers all appear together and across the world untold numbers of people will be celebrating Global One Consciousness Day.

A perfect opportunity for healers and like minded people to come together, to share ideas, knowledge, reflections and to enjoy natural networking – exploring potential collaborations in work and life, enhancing the spirit of co-operation throughout our island and beyond.

Sometimes in life we can feel very alone – especially when we have been working (too) hard, taking on too much or simply been burning the candle at both ends, this is a day for plenty of relaxation, release and healthy celebrations, with specialists on hand to give you answers to the questions that you make seek…

Entry is €5 and all proceeds made on the day are going to the Sama Sound Foundation, based in Ibiza, helping the children and elderly of the island. Visit www.healingibiza.com for further information.