Healing Sounds – Music is the answer

Have you ever felt the sensation of being connected with others, as if music is bringing you together? Want to dance your way into the New Year and celebrate the possibilities of life’s next chapter?

For eons in Ibiza we have been immersing ourselves in music, escaping into the sounds, letting our hair down and releasing pressure. Whether consciously or not, we take our minds off of our current thoughts and enjoy being in the moment with the beat and harmony, uplifting our spirits with the feel-good vibrations of the night – or even the day! We step (or dance or sing) into a better feeling place than before.

Have you ever stopped to consider how or why? The most positive effects of music occur when we are in a natural state to receive them. Forget about imbibing alcohol – enjoying each moment to the fullest is one of the primary dynamics of Ibiza, and rather than suffer a hangover, we can physically and emotionally benefit from music’s after effects.

Humans have the innate desire to harmonise – to be in a place that feels good and to experience holistic wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. At the most basic, sub-atomic level we are made up of tiny particles of vibrating energy within us. When we are vibrating at the same level as our surrounds – whether with those around us or only sound waves, this gives us feel-good sensations of joy, peace and harmony, taking us away from our problems, worries and anxieties.

Music is one of most dynamic  – and fastest – ways to change how we are thinking and feeling for the better. Music really is – as immortalised in the song – the answer to our problems.

Away from clubs, there are musicians in Ibiza who create another dynamic with their music, offering the same opportunity for deep release, albeit with softer, gentler beats. From the Sitar to the Harmonium, these musicians play instruments, percussion and drums that have been used for many centuries around the world as musical medicine to induce meditations.

They deliberately create Healing Sounds to tune out chatter and enable the body and mind to harmonise, helping you feel centered, grounded, clear and positive – in a place of greater mental peace and physical relaxation.

In 2009 in Ibiza, explore getting naturally high on musical vibes at a peaceful, meditative pace with Maureen Ji and Emu, of the talented duo Lev Tahor, in a workshop on 8th January and a residential retreat in June.

In April, renowned author, mystic priest, shaman and healer Amarananda Bhairavan from the USA offers a weekend workshop of Vibrational Healing, surrounding you with sounds to awaken your purpose and personal source of inspiration, helping you tune in to your inner source of life energy, putting a true spring into your living and working life.

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